Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Favorite video wednesday

here are more of my fave youtube videos for favorite video wednesday

Video Name: Perfect-Obi-wan
song: perfect by simple plan
video made by: spirithp
A beautiful video about quigon and obiwan I love videos with their relationship. hope you enjoy

video: Never Had a dream come true (vader)
Song: Never had a dream come true by s club 7
video by: juliskywalker

I love this video its from vader's pov, about how he hasn't been able to let padme go. absolutly beautiful. Not to mention I love this song and the band s club 7 i loved these songs growing up (yes i am probably showing my age hehe) hope you enjoy

well thats all for this week thanks for watching God bless Mtfbwy

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April Fool's Day

Well today is April 1st meaning its once again April Fool's day (I would like to also add its also palm sunday more importantly) anyways... I have to honestly say i don't care for April Fools day, now that doesn't mean i don't have a sense of humor I do I promise, and I did enjoy the holiday when I was younger. And yes i still laugh at some of the jokes and pride myself on not following or "spoiling" many of them. See while most people plan ways to fool others I stay on my toes and keep my guard up looking for things that don't seem right and catch them before they fool me or someone else ( I know that makes me the grinch of april fools day) but its fun. I saw 3 pranks so far and fell for none of them lol :D. First when i woke up i noticed the blow dyer was plugged in and on. So when someone switched the light switch it would turn on the dryer making a loud noise but I busted it yay :D. Then my sister wrote on her facebook she is engaged which i knew obviously isn't so once again busted. and then i went on my beloved lakehouse to find it completly changed with tons of new members (crazy members lol) and topics changed and i admit it made me laugh but with this lingering headache looks like I am going to stay away from it today and go on tommrow when its nice and back to normal lol ( don't get me wrong i did enjoy it but its just not my thing).

Again I have nothing against today its just not my thing. but i am definitly in defensive mode today and determined not to be pranked or fall for anything its 2pm and so far so good. Okay since i don't want this post to be completly negative or make me really seem like the grinch of April fool's day i want to admit that i have fallen for several pranks and i got to list a few Honorable mentions.

so here is a list of April fool day pranks that have been played on me and i got to say were quite clever

One year my mom switched mine and my sister's backpack contents (so we had the same backpack we always did but the stuff inside was switched) my sister showed up in my classroom telling me we needed to switch backpacks (we still talk about this one today lol)

One year my mom put koolaide in the shower head so when we turned on the shower we got covered in koolaid, then she replaced the shampoo with maynoise.

Another time she put milk in a soda can and then poured it out on our cereal so we thought we had coke on our cereal when it was really milk

and the last one to make the list is when my mom switched my bottle of coke with my sister's bottle of rootbeer so when i poured a glass expecting coke i got a mouth full of rootbeer (yuck)

so i got admit these were funny and did catch me off guard lol. Like i said i have nothing against april fools day but its definitly not my favorite day lol. with that being said

Hope you all have a fantastic April fool's day God bless