Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Favorite video wednesday

here are more of my fave youtube videos for favorite video wednesday

Video Name: Perfect-Obi-wan
song: perfect by simple plan
video made by: spirithp
A beautiful video about quigon and obiwan I love videos with their relationship. hope you enjoy

video: Never Had a dream come true (vader)
Song: Never had a dream come true by s club 7
video by: juliskywalker

I love this video its from vader's pov, about how he hasn't been able to let padme go. absolutly beautiful. Not to mention I love this song and the band s club 7 i loved these songs growing up (yes i am probably showing my age hehe) hope you enjoy

well thats all for this week thanks for watching God bless Mtfbwy


  1. Lovely videos! I've liked the Obi-Wan - Perfect video for quite some time and I liked the "Never Had a Dream Come True" one; I hadn't seen that one before :D. I love the song :)

  2. i liked the last one the best. i actaully started crying. ur good at picking out the good ones. :)

  3. Hi... :)
    Nice posts you have here :) I really love the last vid.

  4. If you like sad Star Wars clips on YouTube you should watch My Life in Pieces about Vader/Anakin and My Immortal about Anakin's relationship with Padme. These two definitely made me cry and as stupid as I was, I watched them both one after another so the outcome was me making my Niagara Falls impression!