Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving


I want to wish you all a wonderful blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. We have so much to be thankful for and I love getting to take the day to celebrate the many blessings we have with family and friends.

I do have to take a moment to address something that really bothers me and that is how people tend to skip over Thanksgiving. Sure I get decorating for Christmas and all that is fine but spending Thanksgiving as a shopping day is completely unacceptable in my opinion. It is sickening how this day that we set aside for all we have and the blessings we have has been turned into a materialistic day to buy buy buy. Why can't we wait one day does black Friday really have to start Thanksgiving Day I mean really. I can't celebrate Thanksgiving giving thanks for what I am thankful for I need to buy more things to be thankful for or really not because I will never have enough we live in a society where its we need more more more. And all those poor people who have to work today so we can buy buy buy. Many will say they should be thankful they have a job and overtime and blah blah blah tell that to the kids who's parents won't be home today to celebrate with them because they have to ring us up for our shallow needs. 

Sure I have worked Thanksgiving but working Disney is a bit better at least because of me and other cast members working other families get to spend time together. That said I am happy and thankful one of my fellow coworkers took my shift today so I can spend this day with my family. 

But I don't want to have this post be all negative I am thankful for many things.
  For my parents who has been there for me since I was born I can't imagine life without them sure they drive me crazy sometimes but they have made me who I am today, They support me in whatever I do and love me unconditionally 
 For my sister who is my best friend. We are closer than anyone I know she is definitely a part of me and we do everything together I know I can always count on her to be there. She reminds me not to take my self to seriously and that its more than okay to be who I am.
 For my brother and his family my sister in law and my three beautiful nephews. I love them all so much though I don't see them very often they always live in my heart and prayers 
For my aunts, uncles and cousins- I love being in big family that has so much love in it and I love when we can all come together. 
For my grandpa- I love him so much he is funny kind and always puts God and family first he is my role model.
 For my grandmas and grandpa in heaven- though they are no longer with me here on Earth I am thankful for the time I did get to spend with them and I know they are looking down on me
For my lakehouse sisters- I have never met such a wonderful funny crazy passionate loving group of girls until I met them and I am so thankful I have. They have inspired me, encouraged me, been there for me and made me laugh and I love them all so much.
 For my job at Disney- I am so honored to work for a wonderful company with wonderful people I never know what each day will hold. Disney has allowed me to grow as a person. 
 For my Faith-God is at the center of everything I do and everything I am. I know I can trust him and he is always there for me and with that what do I have to fear.
For my church- My second family I love all the people there I love being able to share my faith with the little ones as a teacher 
For all the blessings I have clothes on my back food on my table shelter over my head, cars to get me where I am going, being able to go to work and school. Everything I need I have

God has blessed me in so many ways with so many people and I am so Thankful so with that a very happy thanksgiving to you all I love you all and thanks for following may God bless

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I am back and celebrating

Hey blogging world I am not dead. I am just lazy :D. But I am back and hoping to start regularly blogging. I have to admit right now I am going a bit crazy not being in school I thought I would enjoy the break but I really am looking foward to getting back to school, finishing and finally graduating with my Bachelor's. This summer I did graduate with my AA and now I am in the process of transferring schools to work on my Bachelors. Not fun trying to get finanical aid papers done and transcripts from a school that I haven't been to in like 3 years lets just say I am very much looking foward to getting the enrollement stuff done once and for all and getting back to being in school.
   This summer it has hit me harder than ever before, that not only do I want to be a teacher, I truly feel I am meant to be a teacher. As some of you probably know I teach kindergarten once a week at my church and love it. I have been on pinterest for hours looking up new and fun ideas to try and  making lesson plans and I just keep dreaming about the day when I will have a real classroom of my own teaching 5 days a week.
  In other news I am finally getting my teeth done yay I have had checkups and cleanings a few months ago but Tuesday I am going in for two root canals and though I really do want a nice smile and healthy teeth I hate the idea of all this work not fun but i guess in the end it will be worth it.

Other then that not much well except work is happening but I did chose today to start blogging again for a reason there is a pretty exciting event actually 2 exciting events today.
First of all its Ashley Eckstein's birthday. I have had the pleasure of meeting her several times over the years and she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She has done so much for the starwar fangirl community and is a true inspiration. Hoping she has a fantastic birthday.

and also today is My 6th year anniversery with Walt Disney World. I can't believe its been that long and I am truly blessed to work for such an amazing company. Sure I have had my days and I have complained about it but at the end of the day I do not take for granted what wonderful oppurtunity I have been given. Disney has done so much for me and will always be a huge part of my life. I cannot imagine life without being part of Disney or having Disney in my life. Here is just list of some of the things Disney has given me:

1. A scholarship to kickstart my education- Honestly after highschool I didn't have many plans I wanted to go to college but really didn't make any plans to do so. I assumed I would take a semester or so off and figure it out but on my Disney graduation from their high school program Disney granted me a $1,000 scholarship which was enough to motivate me to start school right away and for that I am so grateful.

2. Social Confidence- Anyone who knew me before I worked at Disney could tell you I was extreamly shy. It took me forever to talk to anyone and even if I was comfortable with you I was still pretty quiet, and while I am in no means a social butterfly now I will talk to people and I have the confidence to start conversations and to carry on conversations and make eye contact things that before I struggeled with. I remember when I was around 14 or so I wouldn't even ask a cashier for help or any question I hated talking to people at all and now I can. This is something that I will need in anything I do in life and thanks to Disney I have the confidence to do it. I remember my managers when I first started had to almost literally drag me from behind the register now I make an effort to be out in the open and I do truly enjoy talking to the guests its been a big change.

3. Confidence- I have never been a "leader" and used to always look to others for help or assurance but Disney has presented me with more oppurtunities to challenge myself where I know I can rely on myself without other's help. I am just as able as they are and I no longer need others approval.

4. I learned it is impossible to make everyone happy and thats okay but its okay to try too.- I like pleasing people I think way to much of what others think about me and I kinda want everyone to like me I know its an unreal idea but I don't like putting people out and I want to do what makes others happy. Which I don't think there is much wrong with (except for the part of worrying about what others think of you) but I have learned that no matter how hard you try people especially at Disney will choose to be unhappy and will most likely take it out on you. I have learned to let this go and not let it get to me sure it hurts and its easy to let it leave you stung and bitter but chances are whatever is going on with them it has little to do with you or whatever you supposedly did to "ruin their vacation" and why let that distract you from all the wonderful guests around. These people are no better than you or more entitled than you don't let them get the better of you because they don't deserve it.

5. I have gotten to meet people from all over the world. It is something I admit I take for granted but I do love asking people where they are from and you get answers from all over and not just guests but I have also worked with people from all over the world and really when you think about it thats pretty amazing.

6. Another thing I take for granted is I can go to Disney pretty much anytime I want. I have made so many wonderful memeories and met so many wonderful people this way and I honestly never thought about it much but when you get to talk to guests and so many of them tell you they have saved up their whole lives to come it really puts into perspective just how lucky I really am.

7. New friends- I have met so many wonderful people. I work with some of the greatest people I have ever met. Visiting the parks and attending events such as SWW I have met so many other wonderful people some of which have become close friends.

Disney has really provided me with the stepping stones to becoming a better person and I am so thankful for all they have done for me. I get to go to work and make people happy thats my job to give guests the one of a kind experience that they expect from Disney. I have so many fond memories of working and playing at Disney and am looking foward to making many more.  Below are some pictures I found online of the wonderful stores I work in.

Thanks for reading and following. God bless and MTFBWY. Have a Magical day

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Saying good bye to 2012

Wow. I can't beleive how fast this year went though looking back there has been so many fond memories. 2012, though it had a rough start was a fantastic year. Lots of memories were made and I learned a lot about myself. I also have many high hopes for 2013. So here is a post dedicated to looking back and heading foward.

A look back

Some events I will remember forever

- Abba concert in the beginning of the year- January or Febuary we went to an Abba concert. I LOVE Abba and it was so much fun to see all the old people (there were very few of us young people 20 and under) have the time of their life. People were dancing in the asiles and singing out loud I enjoyed people watching almost as much as I enjoyed the concret. Plus one of the members was in all white and looked so much like Luke Skywalker which got me all excited lol.

- Jeff Dunham- I love this guy and seeing him live (though they moved the locations so really good seats tuned to horrible seats) was still an amazing experince. It was an eventful trip and at the time I was a bit disappointed but looking back I can laugh at the troubles we have and focus on the wonderful time we had with our Aunt Jenny.

- SWW- I love this event and going all three days all four weeks was a blast. Ashley and me usually talk about sww all year until the next one rolls around and many more long lasting memories are made. seeing old friends and making new ones and just celebrating starwars in one of the happiest places on Earth is one of the highlights of my year and I am definetly looking foward to SWW 2013

-Celebration- The event in itself is incredible but getting a hotel with my sister to make a weekend out of it and spending the time with my lakehouse sisters was beyond amazing I had such a wonderful time.

-Surviving the end of the world- Yes i never thought the world would actually end but hey we still survived it right lol

-Family Christmas party- I love getting to spend time with my aunts and uncles and cousins and grandpa all coming together once a year to celebrate.

-My family coming down- Right now my brother and his family are down here with us in Florida, with them living in Maryland and us in Florida we never hardly get to see each other so spending time with my nephews and my brother and sister in law and getting to celebrate the New Year with them in additon to taking them to Disney and Universal I am having a blast and I cannot think of a better way to end the year of 2012

-Sister days at disney- I love these days where me and my sister go to disney by ourselves and just enjoy each others company I am hoping we have many more of these in the New year

Though I wish I could say I gave up on resolutions that usually are forgotten about by the end of January I do still have a few things I am really hoping to accomplish and things I am looking foward to one of the big ones being..

Graduation- If all goes well and according to plan I will graduate with my A.A degree in the summer :D

I really want to start a dental plan my teeth have really been bothering me not only pain wise but self confidence wise too and its time it stopped being ignored I need my smile back.

I also hope just to live a healthier and happier life style and become better of a person nothing specific just to grow as a person trying to be the best person I can be and touch as many lives as I can.

Praying you all have a safe and happy New years God bless and MTFBWY

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Lakehouse Forums turn 2

Hello all. As many of you know the beloved Lakehouse forums turned two today. I for one can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating our 1st anniversery, and looking back its incredible to think of all we gone though. Both the good times that we will treasure in our hearts forever and the bad that we wish we could forget but also understand that going through it has made us even stronger.

When I first joined the lakehouse I expected to chat about starwars and maybe make a few online friendships but I never imagined how important and special the lakehouse would become and how big it would be in my life. I never expected to meet so many wonderful girls and to become connected to each and everyone one of them. I never expected for the lakehouse to become a place where fellow members turned from strangers to close friends and online sisters. I never imagined I would ever spend hours on one website chatting with such wonderful friends.

In past forums and sites I would spend a few months and then move on never to visit again and honestly i thought the lakehouse would be like that and admittedly the first time i came on it was but after meeting JC at Sww and hearing her talk about it I decided I had to give it another chance at least check it out once more, and truthfully my expectations weren't high. I thought it would be another fad site. I couldn't believe the warm open armed welcome I recieved with those i have met before welcoming me back as a long lost friend. and new friends being so welcoming and inviting. From those first few days I knew the lakehouse was something special but i still had my doubts on how long I would be interested. Soon, however it turned from having some cool conversations to making some true friendships.

I love each and every one of you fellow lakehouse sisters and I so proud of everything we have gotten through and accomplished. I had the pleasure of meeting some of you this past summer and will treausre those memories always and pray that more oppurtunities to meet you all arise sometime in our futures. The lakehouse has become more than just a forum it has become a support system. A place we can come no matter what or how we feel and know we are in a safe enviroment surrounded by friends. It has become a hangout where I obsessively check whats going on and most importantly it has become a family of fangirls all trying to make sense of the world and looking for those who are like us in place we are not only welcomed but truly belong.

Happy Anniversery my fellow lakehouse sisters and heres to many many more years . Praying for many blessings in the coming year love you all and of course MTFBWY always. God bless


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hello All.

I know it has been a long time since I blogged. I have been epically failing at maintaining this blog but it is something I am working on Promise. It seems this year has flown by and Christmas kinda just snuck up on me. At first it seemed that it was way off and then next thing I know its here and I realized I didn't do half the things I was going to for example getting Christmas cards out or buying tons of presents or decorating like crazy (most of our decorating was done the day before Christmas eve) for a lot of the season finding time for all of this stressed me out in a way I felt obligated to get it done but I didn't and the world didn't end. I still had a fantastic Christmas. I am learning to let things go not just not worry about things but realize that if not everything gets done its okay. In stressing about the hustle and bustle of the holiday I was missing the true meaning of it. And with talking to other people I realize I wasn't the only one.

Christmas is a time of peace a time to celebrate with family and friends and remember the best gift ever given and rejoice in the birth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. That is all the matters during the season. Making sure decorations are up and perfect, stressing on getting money to buy the best gifts, getting cards out on time isn't necessary sure its nice but why put ourselves through so much stress during such a wonderful and magical time of year.

Think back to when you were a young child and the magic the Christmas season brought. I remember waiting for Christmas and it seemed like it would never come but the anticipation was part of the magic. Now as we grow older it seems there is never enough time to get everything done and Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, changes from a magical holiday to a deadline a day everything we prepared for is due and our effort is shown.

Why is that why do we focus so much on hurrying about to make is so special and big, all the while stressing ourselves to the max. That's not was Christmas is about. Being with family and friends and letting each other know how special they are to you (and there are more ways to do that then just with expensive gifts) and truly celebrating each others company and the miraculous birth of Jesus THAT IS WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT. The other stuff is details all the planning and buying and decorating and stressing in the world isn't what creates that magical feeling of Christmas. Being together and remembering the true reason for the season is what creates that. Sometimes its easy to forget that smaller and simple is sometimes better.

With that said, I hope each and everyone of you has a very Merry Christmas. I have.

Most of our Christmas this year took place Christmas eve since my dad had to be at work early this morning. When my mom came home from work we went out to dinner. Then we came home and opened presents. I got a K-cup coffee Maker (gotta have my coffee), Fabulous boots (which are also perfect for sww), Brita Water bottle, a game, pjs, Starwars mug and travel mug set, starwars crayola story studio (even though I am 22 I still totally flipped over this so awesome :D ), and early Christmas present (like early november) of the HerUniverse Ahsoka Tunic, and some other small things. After we all opened presents we kinda just hung out and relaxed the rest of the night. At midnight me, my sister and mom went to midnight mass. Then this morning we had a French toast breakfast so yummy, played yatzee then went to the movies. We saw Parental Guidance, and it was amazing loved the movie definitly recommend it. and now we are haning out til dinner (we are having skyline chili yummy :D)

So that's my Christmas. I hope each of you had an amazing day too to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Thaks for reading Merry Christmas and God bless

Thanks and of course May the force be with you

Thursday, November 22, 2012

update and Happy Thanksgiving

Hiya all even though I did a Thanksgiving post on my other blog I am still doing one on this one. I know I haven't update in the longest time. I had every intention of doing Clone war episode reviews and that really didn't happen lol (I am definitly going to start after the break hopefully) I am also hoping to do a Disney post on the new Fantasyland as soon as I find time :D So no fear this blog is still active or at least alive.

Anyways Today is Thanksgiving. So first of all A very happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for each and every one of you.

Some other things I am thankful for

1. My relationship with God,
     No matter what life throws at me I know God is always there standing right beside me, No matter how bad things get I know that he is with me through it all and its all in his hands

2. My family
  Other than God nothing is more important then family. They are my support system, my entertainment, my cheerleaders, my managers (sometimes), my shoulder to cry on, my mentors, my inspiration. I cannot imagine life without them. They are always there for me and I truly am loved.

3. My friends (especially online friends)
   Other people I cannot imagine life without, I thank God for you all everyday. Thank you all for being such wonderful friends I love each and every one of you

4. My job
   Sure I may complain now and again but how could I not love my job, I have the job of making dreams come true at the happiest place on Earth. I may be a cashier but my job is so much more than that its finding the little ways to make someones day a little brighter and setting the foundation of making memories that will last a life time (okay maybe a bit cheesy but its true) as an added bonus getting into Disney free and getting to create memories with my family especially my best friend, my sister. Is something truly priceless. I work with so many wonderful people who make working fun. I can honestly say I am lucky and I love my job

5. My fandoms
  Which mainly include Harry Potter, Starwars, Xmen, and Hunger games (not in that order) they not only provide entertainment but have open the door to so many oppurtunities and allowed me to meet so many wonderful people. They have become a huge part of my life

6. The simple things that I never remember to mention a roof over my head, plenty to eat,  a warm bed, clean clothes, a car, nature, the beautiful world that God has made for us to enjoy. Things I so often take for granted and forget just how Miraculous and wonderfu they truly are.

7. Those serving in the Military
    Your sacrifice is not taken for granted because of your bravery I am able to sleep a little easier at night thank you for all you do.

Hope you all have a blessed thanksgiving thanks for reading stay tuned for more. God bless and MTFBWY

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Catch up Post, Celebration, clone wars season 5, and more

Wow its been a while. Sorry. with school and work and being lazy I haven't had time for poor blogger to post anything (or read anything ) so for those who have blogs I promise I will catch up. Can't wait to read all the amazing blogs I have been missing. Since I have been gone ALOT has happened.. I went to Celebration VI and had an amazing time with some of the coolest people ever, Starwars Clone Wars Season 5 started and if I must say the Premier was amazing. Oh and I actually came back just in time on blogger to mention that one of my wonderful little lakehouse sisters, who I love has turned 16 today. Happy Birthday Grace. So let the catch up post begin.

                                               Celebration VI

Celebration VI was simply amazing, having a wonderful convention about the epic saga of Starwars is fantastic enough. Sharing the experince with not only thousands of other fans, but my little sister as well as several of my lakehouse sisters was honestly one of the best moments of my life. I can't possibly talk about everything I did and honestly since i just got off work I am super lazy but let me give you some top faves. First of all Just spending time with my lakehouse sisters (and their wonderful parents) was fabulous. Taking crazy picutres around the convention hall definitly a highlight. Favorite show/events/ panels include of course the Season 5 Premier of Clone Wars, seeing it with the group was so much fun and wow what a way to kick off the season (more on that later). The clone war cast panel was fantasic, watching the cast of clone wars talk with each other is just incredible they are such an amazing group of people, and of course never short on laughs :D. James Arnold Taylors show was Outstanding though me and my sister has seen it several times during SWW the full version just blew me away. He held my attention the entire show. I was on the edge of my seat and usally in stitches laughing so hard. His ending speech had me very very close to tears. Overall it was an outstanding event and I am definitly looking foward to Celebration 7

(yes I know that was  a really short and lame excerpt of celebration vi but cut me some slack I am sleepy and full of excuses lol  and there would be pictures but they are not on this computer and as I said I am lazy and don't wanna switch computers, and yes i know that if I am tired i shouldn't be writting a blog but if i don't do it now I will never get to it lol ) anyway moving on

Clone wars Season 5 -Revival

  Okay so like I am sure many of were, at first I was uncertain about Maul coming back I mean he is cool and all but honestly he creeps me out and is definitly not my favorite character, so I was kind of weary on having him show up in the clone wars. However seeing him and savage work together is super cool in my opinion being able to see their dynamics first as brothers and now it looks as if it is moving towards Master and apprentice is definitly something I am looking foward to seeing more of. I got to say Obiwan rocked this episode. The lightsaber duels between him, savage and maul were stunning. (and he claimed another arm go obiwan lol). It was sad to see Adi die though I defnitly saw it coming. Though obiwan was epic and Maul and Savage were cool to watch in my opinion Hondo stole the show, he was epic, he has definitly became my favorite "villian". and i definitly can't wait to see more of him. If this episode is any indicator its going to be a fantastic season. The cast and crew of clone wars definitly out did themselves and I cannot wait to see what they have in store.

                                 Jedi~chick is sixteen.

Okay so most of you know that our beloved Jedi chick is officially sixteen today. Happy Birthday to my absolutly amazing lakehouse little sister. You truly astound me with the thing you do. You are one of the kindest, sweetest, hard working girls I know and its hard to believe your only 16 you have wisdom far beyond your years. It has been an honor getting to meet you and know you and to call you my little sis. *hugs* hope you have(had) and incredible birthday live it up you only turn 16 once and embrace everything life throws at you, Happy Birthday Jedi~Chick love ya sister

well there is my quick and lazy catch up post, I am going to do my best to keep up with the blog looking foward to doing a post about the New Fantasyland soon exciting stuff stay tuned.

thanks for reading
God bless MTFBWY