Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Lakehouse Forums turn 2

Hello all. As many of you know the beloved Lakehouse forums turned two today. I for one can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating our 1st anniversery, and looking back its incredible to think of all we gone though. Both the good times that we will treasure in our hearts forever and the bad that we wish we could forget but also understand that going through it has made us even stronger.

When I first joined the lakehouse I expected to chat about starwars and maybe make a few online friendships but I never imagined how important and special the lakehouse would become and how big it would be in my life. I never expected to meet so many wonderful girls and to become connected to each and everyone one of them. I never expected for the lakehouse to become a place where fellow members turned from strangers to close friends and online sisters. I never imagined I would ever spend hours on one website chatting with such wonderful friends.

In past forums and sites I would spend a few months and then move on never to visit again and honestly i thought the lakehouse would be like that and admittedly the first time i came on it was but after meeting JC at Sww and hearing her talk about it I decided I had to give it another chance at least check it out once more, and truthfully my expectations weren't high. I thought it would be another fad site. I couldn't believe the warm open armed welcome I recieved with those i have met before welcoming me back as a long lost friend. and new friends being so welcoming and inviting. From those first few days I knew the lakehouse was something special but i still had my doubts on how long I would be interested. Soon, however it turned from having some cool conversations to making some true friendships.

I love each and every one of you fellow lakehouse sisters and I so proud of everything we have gotten through and accomplished. I had the pleasure of meeting some of you this past summer and will treausre those memories always and pray that more oppurtunities to meet you all arise sometime in our futures. The lakehouse has become more than just a forum it has become a support system. A place we can come no matter what or how we feel and know we are in a safe enviroment surrounded by friends. It has become a hangout where I obsessively check whats going on and most importantly it has become a family of fangirls all trying to make sense of the world and looking for those who are like us in place we are not only welcomed but truly belong.

Happy Anniversery my fellow lakehouse sisters and heres to many many more years . Praying for many blessings in the coming year love you all and of course MTFBWY always. God bless


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hello All.

I know it has been a long time since I blogged. I have been epically failing at maintaining this blog but it is something I am working on Promise. It seems this year has flown by and Christmas kinda just snuck up on me. At first it seemed that it was way off and then next thing I know its here and I realized I didn't do half the things I was going to for example getting Christmas cards out or buying tons of presents or decorating like crazy (most of our decorating was done the day before Christmas eve) for a lot of the season finding time for all of this stressed me out in a way I felt obligated to get it done but I didn't and the world didn't end. I still had a fantastic Christmas. I am learning to let things go not just not worry about things but realize that if not everything gets done its okay. In stressing about the hustle and bustle of the holiday I was missing the true meaning of it. And with talking to other people I realize I wasn't the only one.

Christmas is a time of peace a time to celebrate with family and friends and remember the best gift ever given and rejoice in the birth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. That is all the matters during the season. Making sure decorations are up and perfect, stressing on getting money to buy the best gifts, getting cards out on time isn't necessary sure its nice but why put ourselves through so much stress during such a wonderful and magical time of year.

Think back to when you were a young child and the magic the Christmas season brought. I remember waiting for Christmas and it seemed like it would never come but the anticipation was part of the magic. Now as we grow older it seems there is never enough time to get everything done and Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, changes from a magical holiday to a deadline a day everything we prepared for is due and our effort is shown.

Why is that why do we focus so much on hurrying about to make is so special and big, all the while stressing ourselves to the max. That's not was Christmas is about. Being with family and friends and letting each other know how special they are to you (and there are more ways to do that then just with expensive gifts) and truly celebrating each others company and the miraculous birth of Jesus THAT IS WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT. The other stuff is details all the planning and buying and decorating and stressing in the world isn't what creates that magical feeling of Christmas. Being together and remembering the true reason for the season is what creates that. Sometimes its easy to forget that smaller and simple is sometimes better.

With that said, I hope each and everyone of you has a very Merry Christmas. I have.

Most of our Christmas this year took place Christmas eve since my dad had to be at work early this morning. When my mom came home from work we went out to dinner. Then we came home and opened presents. I got a K-cup coffee Maker (gotta have my coffee), Fabulous boots (which are also perfect for sww), Brita Water bottle, a game, pjs, Starwars mug and travel mug set, starwars crayola story studio (even though I am 22 I still totally flipped over this so awesome :D ), and early Christmas present (like early november) of the HerUniverse Ahsoka Tunic, and some other small things. After we all opened presents we kinda just hung out and relaxed the rest of the night. At midnight me, my sister and mom went to midnight mass. Then this morning we had a French toast breakfast so yummy, played yatzee then went to the movies. We saw Parental Guidance, and it was amazing loved the movie definitly recommend it. and now we are haning out til dinner (we are having skyline chili yummy :D)

So that's my Christmas. I hope each of you had an amazing day too to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Thaks for reading Merry Christmas and God bless

Thanks and of course May the force be with you

Thursday, November 22, 2012

update and Happy Thanksgiving

Hiya all even though I did a Thanksgiving post on my other blog I am still doing one on this one. I know I haven't update in the longest time. I had every intention of doing Clone war episode reviews and that really didn't happen lol (I am definitly going to start after the break hopefully) I am also hoping to do a Disney post on the new Fantasyland as soon as I find time :D So no fear this blog is still active or at least alive.

Anyways Today is Thanksgiving. So first of all A very happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for each and every one of you.

Some other things I am thankful for

1. My relationship with God,
     No matter what life throws at me I know God is always there standing right beside me, No matter how bad things get I know that he is with me through it all and its all in his hands

2. My family
  Other than God nothing is more important then family. They are my support system, my entertainment, my cheerleaders, my managers (sometimes), my shoulder to cry on, my mentors, my inspiration. I cannot imagine life without them. They are always there for me and I truly am loved.

3. My friends (especially online friends)
   Other people I cannot imagine life without, I thank God for you all everyday. Thank you all for being such wonderful friends I love each and every one of you

4. My job
   Sure I may complain now and again but how could I not love my job, I have the job of making dreams come true at the happiest place on Earth. I may be a cashier but my job is so much more than that its finding the little ways to make someones day a little brighter and setting the foundation of making memories that will last a life time (okay maybe a bit cheesy but its true) as an added bonus getting into Disney free and getting to create memories with my family especially my best friend, my sister. Is something truly priceless. I work with so many wonderful people who make working fun. I can honestly say I am lucky and I love my job

5. My fandoms
  Which mainly include Harry Potter, Starwars, Xmen, and Hunger games (not in that order) they not only provide entertainment but have open the door to so many oppurtunities and allowed me to meet so many wonderful people. They have become a huge part of my life

6. The simple things that I never remember to mention a roof over my head, plenty to eat,  a warm bed, clean clothes, a car, nature, the beautiful world that God has made for us to enjoy. Things I so often take for granted and forget just how Miraculous and wonderfu they truly are.

7. Those serving in the Military
    Your sacrifice is not taken for granted because of your bravery I am able to sleep a little easier at night thank you for all you do.

Hope you all have a blessed thanksgiving thanks for reading stay tuned for more. God bless and MTFBWY

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Catch up Post, Celebration, clone wars season 5, and more

Wow its been a while. Sorry. with school and work and being lazy I haven't had time for poor blogger to post anything (or read anything ) so for those who have blogs I promise I will catch up. Can't wait to read all the amazing blogs I have been missing. Since I have been gone ALOT has happened.. I went to Celebration VI and had an amazing time with some of the coolest people ever, Starwars Clone Wars Season 5 started and if I must say the Premier was amazing. Oh and I actually came back just in time on blogger to mention that one of my wonderful little lakehouse sisters, who I love has turned 16 today. Happy Birthday Grace. So let the catch up post begin.

                                               Celebration VI

Celebration VI was simply amazing, having a wonderful convention about the epic saga of Starwars is fantastic enough. Sharing the experince with not only thousands of other fans, but my little sister as well as several of my lakehouse sisters was honestly one of the best moments of my life. I can't possibly talk about everything I did and honestly since i just got off work I am super lazy but let me give you some top faves. First of all Just spending time with my lakehouse sisters (and their wonderful parents) was fabulous. Taking crazy picutres around the convention hall definitly a highlight. Favorite show/events/ panels include of course the Season 5 Premier of Clone Wars, seeing it with the group was so much fun and wow what a way to kick off the season (more on that later). The clone war cast panel was fantasic, watching the cast of clone wars talk with each other is just incredible they are such an amazing group of people, and of course never short on laughs :D. James Arnold Taylors show was Outstanding though me and my sister has seen it several times during SWW the full version just blew me away. He held my attention the entire show. I was on the edge of my seat and usally in stitches laughing so hard. His ending speech had me very very close to tears. Overall it was an outstanding event and I am definitly looking foward to Celebration 7

(yes I know that was  a really short and lame excerpt of celebration vi but cut me some slack I am sleepy and full of excuses lol  and there would be pictures but they are not on this computer and as I said I am lazy and don't wanna switch computers, and yes i know that if I am tired i shouldn't be writting a blog but if i don't do it now I will never get to it lol ) anyway moving on

Clone wars Season 5 -Revival

  Okay so like I am sure many of were, at first I was uncertain about Maul coming back I mean he is cool and all but honestly he creeps me out and is definitly not my favorite character, so I was kind of weary on having him show up in the clone wars. However seeing him and savage work together is super cool in my opinion being able to see their dynamics first as brothers and now it looks as if it is moving towards Master and apprentice is definitly something I am looking foward to seeing more of. I got to say Obiwan rocked this episode. The lightsaber duels between him, savage and maul were stunning. (and he claimed another arm go obiwan lol). It was sad to see Adi die though I defnitly saw it coming. Though obiwan was epic and Maul and Savage were cool to watch in my opinion Hondo stole the show, he was epic, he has definitly became my favorite "villian". and i definitly can't wait to see more of him. If this episode is any indicator its going to be a fantastic season. The cast and crew of clone wars definitly out did themselves and I cannot wait to see what they have in store.

                                 Jedi~chick is sixteen.

Okay so most of you know that our beloved Jedi chick is officially sixteen today. Happy Birthday to my absolutly amazing lakehouse little sister. You truly astound me with the thing you do. You are one of the kindest, sweetest, hard working girls I know and its hard to believe your only 16 you have wisdom far beyond your years. It has been an honor getting to meet you and know you and to call you my little sis. *hugs* hope you have(had) and incredible birthday live it up you only turn 16 once and embrace everything life throws at you, Happy Birthday Jedi~Chick love ya sister

well there is my quick and lazy catch up post, I am going to do my best to keep up with the blog looking foward to doing a post about the New Fantasyland soon exciting stuff stay tuned.

thanks for reading
God bless MTFBWY


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Friendship Day- dedicated to my lakehouse sisters

Okay so for those who don't know today is National Friendship day. Since I have been trying to come up with something to update my blog with the moment I saw what today was I had to do a post about my wonderful Lakehouse sisters. What better way to celebrate friendship day then to dedicate a post on how much I love my sisters. Let the gushing begin :D

To my fellow Lakehouse sisters,

Wow what a journey we have been on. I feel so blessed to have met each and every one of you. Never have I been to a forum where I have made lasting friendships with so many people or spent so much of my time on one website. You girls never fail to make me smile, encourage me to go on when I don't think I can, Inspire me to do what I am to afraid to try to, Make me laugh even when I had a horrible day. I can always count on you girls to be there for me and I thank God for you all each and every day. You all never fail to impress and amaze me. I am soo proud and honored to call you all my little lakehouse sisters. Okay since you all are important to me I am going to address you all individually (yes so be ready for a LOOOONNNNGG post lol) .

 What better place to start then with our founder without whom none of this would happen though I don't hear from you much anymore Leia I just got to say How incredible i think you are. Thank you for everything You truly are an amazing girl and I hope someday you get the chance to come on more love ya sister God bless.

Moving on to my other fantastic sister Jedi~Chick, what is there to say lol wow way to much um. If it wasn't for you I probably never would have gotten back on the lakehouse so thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I honestly don't think I could ask for a better admin then you and amar (and of course leia). The amount of work and dedication you put into the lakehouse is simply outstanding and I hope you know how appreciated it is.Not only are you a fantastic admin your a fantastic friend i love chatting with you and I cannot wait to see you at celebration VI love ya girly thanks for everything that you do. You are such an amazing girl and i am so proud to call you my sister love you God bless

To the other fantastic admin Amaranthine,(Amar) First of all I hope you realize just how awesome you are. You and Jedi~chick keep the lakehouse running and maintaining it to be the best forum on the web :D and i know that is no easy job yet you do it amazingly well. Your a wonderful admin and an even better friend I love chatting with you its great to be able to tease as well as have serious conversations with someone thanks for being there  love you and May God bless.

Rachel is a Jedi, Our fantastic mod I love reading your posts and your pictures of the wolves are beautiful I love when you post them. You are such a warm and wonderful young girl and I am so glad i have gotten the chance to know you love ya girly May God bless

Tabby, Mine and Kayla's stalker what is there to say I honestly never know what to expect when your around. You never fail to bring a smile to my face and just put me in a better mood. Stay your random hyper self never change (though it may not hurt to switch to decaf lol just saying) Jk love you girly God bless

Kayla, *crickets* lol jk wow considering i just read your pm and am holding back tears right now (happy tears no worries lol) um your one of the best online friends/sisters a girl can ask for I LOVE talking with you and I am so glad we have met I love being able to listen to you and have serious conversations and knowing i have touched your life has definitely changed mine that means the world to me *hugs* thanks so much I love you my sister and my friend stay you never change you are amazing never stop believing God bless

To May Kenobi My fellow Pokemon master lol first of all you are incredibly talented and incredibly amazing. I love having you as my lakehouse sister playing the forum games all day and chatting and reconnecting (thanks to you) to Pokemon. You make me smile I love you girly God bless

Siri, At first i was just so happy I met someone else who read and loved the Jedi quest and Jedi apprentice series and who love siri and obiwan together :D but through fangirling and discussing with you, you have become way more then just another fangirl you have become a friend one i treasure I love chatting and discussing with you and i cannot wait to see you this month I am so excited I love you God bless.

Blue, The wonderful ruler of insanitopia and a truly special girl. Not only are you funny and a joy to be a around you are super talented your art and your fanfiction is out of this world keep up the great work. I love being able to hang out with you. You are one of those people who bring joy anywhere they go I love you girly. God bless

Dsk, Another one of my wonderful sisters. I love being able to chat with you in the chatbox  and discussing clone wars with you. You are such a bright wonderful caring sweet young girl and I am so glad i have gotten the chance to meet you and become friends/sisters love you girly May God bless you

Starwarartist, I am so blessed to be able to chat with you in the chatbox and discuss with you. When I first found out how old you were i was shocked you are definitely mature for your age. You are super talented and definitely will go far in life. I am honored and proud to call you my lakehouse sister I wish you all the best I love you and God bless,

Tahiri, thinking of you makes me smile you are such a warm friendly kind and sweet young lady, I love chatting with you and hanging out with you. You are always there when someone needs you. You truly are a wonderful friend to have and I am blessed to have you in my life Love ya girly God bless you.

Cad Bane's Chick, I am so glad I have gotten the chance to meet you because you are just as amazing in person as you are online. I love your blogs your photography blows me away there is no doubt in my mind you will definitely go far in life. Not only are you extremely talented you are such a wonderful friend and all around person I love getting to know you and am a better person for knowing you. Thanks for everything I love you sister God bless

Shaak Ti, First of all I am so excited to meet you this month I cannot wait you are such a great friend I am honored to have met you and to call you my lakehouse sister. Your funny,smart and most importantly caring. I love you girly May God bless

Ahsoka, sitting hear trying to think of the words to say I cannot help but laugh we have had so many great conversations and memories I love chatting with you and just hanging out with you. You are such a sweet funny random girl and I am so blessed to have you as a friend/sister. Hope your staying out of trouble and not getting hurt lol love you girl God bless

Arina (asakka), My dear sister I miss you so much and hope you come on the lakehouse sometime. You are such a bright girl and such an amazing friend I love you so much and know God is definitely looking after you follow your dreams and never give up because I will always believe in you. Love you

Snips Another one of my random amazing sisters. I love the conversations we have together they always make my day just a bit brighter. You are an outstanding girl with some great talent. You are an incredible friend and I cannot wait to meet you this month (its going to be epic) love you girly God bless

Arda, It was such an honor to meet you at sww and I cannot wait to see you again this month. You are so kind and sweet and such an easy person to talk to. You are such a wonderful friend love you sister God bless

Pink, My crazy little lakehouse sister you definitely make me smile I love chatting with you and hanging on the lakehouse with you. You are such a sweet kind funny young lady and a joy to be around love you my lakehouse sister May God bless

Aay'liah, another one of my wonderful sisters I love chatting with you online and hanging out with you. you are such a kind warm hearted girl and a pleasure to know. Love ya girly and May God bless

Sokafan, How I miss you, you are such a kind hearted wonderful amazing girl I love chatting with you thanks for always being there to lend an ear and support me I love you sister God bless

PJS, Though we don't talk much I love discussing with you and occassionly chatting with you. you are a wonderful kind person Love you sister God bless

Sarahthegeek, My fellow older lakehouse sister its reassuring to know i am not the only one who is older lol though we don't get to chat to much I love getting to know you thanks for being a great friend love ya girly God bless

allishmalli, You are so kind and sweet I am honored to call you a friend love ya sister God bless

Jamie Joyce, Though we don't get to talk much I have heard many good things about you through your sister you sound like an amazing older sister :D From what i do know you are a sweet kind loving girl and I hope to get to chat with you more on the lakehouse. love ya girly May God bless

Starwarsforever, My wonderful sister and good friend thanks for being so kind you truly are an outstanding girl love you sister God bless

Rex's girl, Oh my sister I miss you so much even though you don't come on anymore you will always be my internet sister :D I miss chatting about our clones together you never fail to make me laugh I love you sister miss you God bless

Darth Tromerous, You are amazing though i haven't known you very long the few converstaions we have had you were so kind and sweet and funny I love ya girly God bless

Asala, What can i say not only are you my lakehouse sister you are my real sister lol. I love you soo much, I am blessed with the bond we share you are my sister and my best friend, I am the person I am today because of you. I love you from the bottom of my heart stay you and never change follow your dreams and I know you will go far. Love you my sister all my love and May God continue to bless you

To all the other girls who though i don't know very well are a part of our lakehouse family and I am honored to be able to chat with you all you all are amazing and I love you all including Hannakin (toads are awsome lol love ya) Starlee, Ashley Amidala, Obiwan's Padawan, Atina, Itsajedithing, Artoodeetoo, and any other girl i mistakingly forgot to mention I love you all and May God bless

To all the newer girls you all are amazing though i just gotten to know you. You all so kind and sweet and I cannot wait to chat with you more and become even closer friends so though you may have been on the lakehouse for a few months welcome to our family love you girls - Darth Sparkle, Jedi Spork, Endless~Skyway, Darkside-has-cookies

And lastly to all my lakehouse sisters who have left or just don't come on much anymore and i have yet to mention, though you are no longer on the lakehouse you will always have a piece of my heart. I have great memories with you all and would love to chat with you girls again love you girls and May God bless you and protect you in whatever life brings- Jediknightgirl and Winter and Queen Karina

And to all the girls I have failed to mention firstly I am sincerely sorry, it doesn't mean you are any less important or special or wonderful becuase I love you all. God bless

We started the journey as simply girls who had a common interest and a common love for God but through the conversations and the laughter and yes some tears. through the character debates and the games and the silly randomeness we have become sisters and i couldn't ask for better friends and internet sisters then any of you. You all have truly touched and changed my life and I am a better person because of you girls. I look foward everyday to going on the lakehouse and not a day goes by that i don't think of you girls. I am honored and proud to call you all my sisters. I am so proud and amazed by each and every one of you. You all are so incredibly talented, sweet, kind and just an amazing group of girls. Thank you for everything. Stay yourselves and don't ever change follow your dreams and your hearts and you all will go far in life. I treasure the memories I have with you girls and look foward to making many more in the years to come. May God bless each and everyone of you he has certainly blessed me with you girls. I love you all so much

Thanks for reading and for everything God bless bye for now

 Jedigal (jedigirl)1990

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A rambly starwars related post

Hiya I am back once again. Sorry but i couldn't decide what to write about and then I was to lazy to write a full blog post about Star War weekends and now that has long since past (though no worries i will still be mentioning it in this post because I can nuff said).

In addition to the long past Star War weekends Celebration 6 is also fast approaching less then 40 days away yikes and of course from comic con many fun and excting things were revealed about Starwars clone wars season 5. So all of that plus some Star War randomness (don't act like you ain't excited) are going to be included in this post. I figured while I have the inspriation to write may as well post everything at once in one blog post. SOO without further delay here is my random post yay

Starting with a topic where a post is LONG overdo... Star War weekends 2012

A long long time ago in a galaxy not so far away.....

(okay sorry thats a bit much huh? I should warn you I am in a weird and random mood today and my post shall reflect that mood consider yourselves warned) anyway back to the story or post.

I attended Starwar Weekends. It was hosted by...

The two lovely and extreamly talented hosts James Arnold Taylor and Ashley Eckstein, honestly Disney could not find two better hosts then these two they did an outstanding job and made the event that much more amazing.

At Starwar weekends there was lots to do

our days usually started really early like between 1am-5am

There were parades to see

Shows to see
              James Arnold Taylor sporting an obiwan beard during the Behind the Force show

                            James Arnold Taylor during the Obiwan and Beyond show

During the first weekend my sister was chosen during the Behind the Force show to go up and do lines with another guest and the celebrities. :D

Dave Came the last weekend and had a special show with him and Ashley, it was a question and answer session so much fun.

Sorry these pictures are out of order anyway the shows included:
  Behind the Force: hosted by Ashley Eckstein- gave a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make an episode of the clone wars
 Stars of the saga- Hosted by James Arnold Taylor- Talk show with the Starwars stars
 Obiwan and Beyond- James Arnold Taylor's show where he talked about being a voice actor as well as some background information and showed off his incredible voice talent- definitly one of my favorite shows - Can't wait to see the full version during Celebration 6
The first two weeks they also had a show A trip to the Maul hosted by JAT and staring Ray Park where Ray showed off his martial arts skills and then taught a group of kids-sooo cute

There was also plenty of characters to meet

And no I had no idea the clone was right behind me lets just say the next facial expression I had was a look of fright lol

Celebrities to meet

And lots of random fun to be had..

We learned years ago that if you give a Jawa a lightsaber he loves showing it to the Jedi and their reaction (especially anakin's) is priceless

There you have it Sww in pictures at least a few. So it may be late but at least i got it done. :D

Moving on to the next big event in the Star Wars world and that is none other than Celebration 6
I am so excited (though i will be a lot more excited when i actually buy the tickets lol) but I  can't wait to see my fellow lakehouse sisters, and all the panels and all the excitement wow less then 40 days its coming so fast.

(yeah i know that section was short trust me I will have alot more on celebration later)

Now for Clone Wars Season 5 during comic con they released several new clips and informtaion

For those who haven't seen the clips here they are

Obiwan and Bo-Katan wow epicness definitly looking foward to this episode

If you go to this link you can find some other cool information revealed at the season 5 panel at comic con tweeted by Amy Ratcliffe
It also contains the link for the two clips released

Well this post was a lot longer then i expected it to be hope you enjoyed stay tuned for more also look for the return of Favorite video wednesdays i know i haven't done them in awhile but they shall be back hopefully this week. Thanks for reading and following. Comments are appreciated. Bye for now MTFBWY