Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back on 2011 and ahead to 2012

Seems like everyone is doing these kinds of posts and why not its a good idea.

2011 was a pretty good year. I had a lot of fun and accomplished a lot some of the highlights were:

Joining the lakehouse
going to starwar weekends and meeting up with jedi~chick and seeing George Lucas
getting back to school, switching schools and majors
growing in my faith and continuing to teach at my church

some of the things i hope to do next year

lose weight become healthier
maintain my blogs
become more patient
continue working toward my dream of being a teacher
growing closer to God
growing closer to my family

Things i'm looking foward to in the new year

phantom menace in 3D
Abba concert in January
Jeff Dunham show in Febuary
My 5th year anniversery of working at Disney
Starwar weekends
Celebration 6

Hope you all Have a fantasic new years. May 2012 bring many blessings to you all God bless

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Lakehouse

Many (if not all) of you are members of the forum the lakehouse and are well aware that we celebrated our 1st birthday this week. So this post is dedicated to the Lakehouse and all of my sisters on there that made it what it is today.

Here is my Lakehouse post.

If I'm going to talk about the Lakehouse the best place to start is how I found out about it. As with many of you, i was a frequent poster on the HerUniverse fourms, which is how I had the pleasure of getting to know many of you. One day when I came on I had a message talking about a new forum that was created called the Lakehouse. I think I responded back with hey cool i will check it out not thinking much of it. And to be honest I completly ignored it, at that time I was still very much dedicated to the Heruniverse forums and didn't really want to spend time on another forum, I did notice many of my friends were leaving and not talking much anymore on HerUniverse so I think i finally made an account on Lakehouse but really hardly if ever came back. and to be completly truthful I really had no interest in posting or becoming a part of it. It didn't seem to "fit" me and i wasn't that impressed by it (of course i was on HU at the time and lakehouse was just starting so it really wasn't a fair comparison) and Stayed on HerUniverse yes the spammers were annoying and inappropriate but it wasn't going to stop me. Eventually, to my terror, HerUniverse shut down to handle the spammers. And for months I went to facebook and other boring sites trying to get my "fix" but nothing stuck.

Honestly what i really missed was the girls i got to know on HerUniverse (though it took me a while to realize that was the problem and the reason nothing else worked for me) I missed talking to rex's girl about our clones and how they really need more action time (Chopper will come back hehee he better). and fangirling over them. I missed chatting with jedi~chick and so many others on there. When Starwar Weekends rolled along I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jedi~chick and her family (which was awsome and sooo much fun) and she mentioned that she was a moderator on The Lakehouse, which up til then i completly forgot about. and on her blog she talked about the Lakehouse. sooooooo one day i was really bored and was in a starwar mood and had no one to share it with :( soo i was like what the heck i'm going to check out the Lakehouse again (and hoped i remembered my password and username hehe) so i went on for a bit made a few posts about how much i missed some of the girls i got to know on HerUniverse and stuff like that and really didn't think that much of it. But the responses i got back were sooo welcoming i really felt like i was reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. So i came back and started chatting and posting thinking it was a phase and eventually i would get tired of it and leave. I never expected to be a frequent poster who now goes on everyday.

The Lakehouse is definitly one of a kind, everybody is soo friendly and kind and yes even crazy its just like getting together with a bunch of childhood friends. Its so relaxed and in a way freeing everyone is accepted for who they are and there is no pressure to be someone your not and everyone is connected with their love of God and their love of Starwars and thier need and want to share with others.

Being one of the oldest memebers (if not the oldest member) you girls continuously amaze me everyday. I was afraid, being much older than most of the forum,  that I wouldn't really be able to connect with you girls or in a way be outcasted. but you are all soo mature for your age,I constantly forget that i'm talking to girls much younger then me.The moderators are outstanding definitly not what i expected (and please don't take this as offensive because its meant as a compliment) from teenage moderators. The way you girls handle situations and run the forum definitly shows how mature, and intellegent you are. You all should be proud of yourselves.

The Lakehouse no lie has some of the nicest, craziest, most wonderful  girls i have ever met and i'm so blessed to have you all in my life. You all are living proof that starwar fangirls are not to be underestimated. If we stick together and put our mind to it nothing can stop us from moving mountains. To all my Lakehouse sisters you all never fail to make me laugh, make me think, move me to tears, inspire and surprise me. I love sharing with you girls and getting to know each and everyone of you.Thank you all for everything from this oldtimer hehe :) sooo Happy Birthday Lakehouse and many more years to come. God bless you all

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Welcome to my new blog

Hello All

As some of you may know I had another account with the same blog name however that one will now be unused and boring so this is my active one. I created the new account because my other one was constantly giving me problems hopefully this one behaves :).

Anyway for those who are new to my blog first of all welcome (to all) let me explain the title of my blog. The jedi part is as many of you know my crazy fangirlness obsession of starwars. The mouse part is for my love of everything Disney. Both Star Wars and Disney are huge in my life. Since this is my first post i'm gong to elaborate a bit on the importance of both in my life.

Star Wars is amazing its something I honestly never thought i would like. It wasn't until 2005 that i ever even watched a movie and that is thanks to my sister. here is the story:
      We were on the way back from a church mission camp and the last day was our fun day we went to myrtle beach and then to the movies. We could pick any movie we wanted to go (appropriate movies that is) I went to see Batman (only because everyone else was) and honestly i fell asleep (it was like midnight hehe). My sister was going to see some movie or another and one of the guys in our church wanted to see Revenge of the Sith. Turns out he was the only one who wanted to see it. Though he was fine being the only one my sister decided to change her movie so he wouldn't be alone. After seeing the movie she feel in love and once we got home she insisted on seeing all of the other movies. I think she started with A New Hope and honestly i rolled my eyes and completly ignored it, I was so sure that Star Wars was stupid and wasn't even going to give it a chance. That changed when she was watching I think AOTC and i walked in and was about to leave but decided to watch a bit (because i was bored) and This really hot guy and another pretty hot guy (aka anakin and obiwan hehe) were on the screen and i was like who is that??? shes like anakin hes like the main character so i was hmmm a whole movie (or series) about this hunk? I thought Star Wars was for geeks hehe. So i started asking her all kinds of questions and of course she told me anakin is actually Darth vader and he burns in Rots. so for some reason i became obsessed (at that point) with seeing him burn i really don't know why i know it sounds very demented hehe. But she insisted i stop asking her question and watch it so i did and when we got to revenge of the sith I pretty much cried during that whole scene (that i was so excited to see in the begining) and from that moment on i became a Star War fangirl.

From that moment I became obsessed and it only grew as time went on. First being introduced to Star War weekends. After that i discovered Fanpop and met sooo many other Star War fans. Then came HerUniverse and then the Lakehouse i met so many other girls who loved the same thing i loved.  Now its not just an obsession I'm part of a magical community of such awsome people who love this out of this world saga. And that my Friends is my Starwar story.

Now to Disney. Disney has always been special to me, being born and raised in Florida, I was definitly  a Disney girl. My Family would go all the time to Disney World and would see all the movies when they came out. In 2007 I got my first Job working in Merchandise in Fantasyland at Disney World. Now Disney is officially my second home i'm there all of the time. If i'm not working, I'm playing. heck i'm even playing when i'm working hehe. Its been a magical four years and i hope I have several more years in the future. Maybe even doing something different at the resort. Disney will always be special to me.

So this blog combines the two things i love alot in this world. Two things that have brought me and friends and family together and thats why i chose the title "A Jedi and a Mouse" as my blog title. Thanks again for reading and God bless