Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My interview with Ashley (my sister)

So My internet sister Kayla has done several crazy interviews with her sister, Jamie. After reading several of them I decided that it looked fun and wanted to give it a try with my own crazy sister Ashley so since we both were doing nothing I asked my beautiful sister to sit down with me and do an interview. she agreed and I have to say it tuned out very crazy. I was cracking up the entire time pretty much. My sister never fails to make me laugh and smile and this interview is no exception. Hope you all enjoy.

(Ashley is talking about random stuff and asking what i am doing lol)

Me: hi ashley

Ashley: helloo

*me giggles*

*ashley giggles*

Ashley:you going to type everything we do
whats the name of the blog, i am being interviewed for

Me: shut it, hang on, why is my cap lock on

Ashley: becuase you put it on stupid brb i am getting a drink

*ashley comes back talking about random stuff*

Me:welcome back ashley

Ashley:whatz up i brought my laptop too.

Ashley: *starts randomly dancing*are you still typing the craziness from earlier sorry i will shut up so you can stop typing

Me:Whats your favorite movie

Ashley:*gives me look* hmm disney or action if its disney it would have to be mulan if it was action it would have to be hp hmm thats hard i would say deathly hallows *more thinking out loud* part 1 and 2

Me: favorite character of Harry Potter?

Ashley:uh hands down severus snape love him,

Me: Favortie Star Wars movie?

Ashley:*thinking taping finger to lip* phantom menace obiwan is sexy and quigon is awsome

*me giggles*

Ashley: what, michelle giggles and i ask whats up, and i narrarte the whole thing  *ashley reads part of her random blog*, have fun typing that

Me:Whats your favortie clone war season?

Ashley: the one with darth maul and ventress, so the last one wait what season are we on i think four so yeah four

Me: why do you like Darth Maul so much?

Ashley: he is totally wiked *snickers*

Me: you know he is demented

Ashley: i don't care hes wicked i love the one with the ball and hes going after the ball like a little kid

Me:if you had to pick one trait about you that you like what would it be?

*Ashley ignores me and keeps typing


Ashley: you trailed off didn't finish the question

Me: did too *repeats question*

Ashley: you didn't finish that, I like that i have a good singing voice and can act, since mom always told me grandma was a beautiful singer, it makes me feel closer to her


Me:Whats your favorite jedi?

Ashley: Obi-wan Kenobi (said in obiwan impression)

*starts dancing and bouncing on bed and singing dynomite*

ooh if i say my sisters an idiot do you have to type it *laughs*

Me: *snorts*

Ashley: I heart you

Me: back on topic if you could change one thing about Star Wars what would it be?

Ashley: hehe topic *laughs* taps finger to mouth uhh dahhh if i could change one thing. i would change it so they would come to earth and meet students of hogwarts. no i would actually make it where obiwan marries satine. and has an affair with ventress. jk. marries satine have fun writing

Me: why are you so crazy?

Ashley: as a great character once said being normal is vastly over rated. live live and be cooco (asked her to repeat she didn't know exactly what she said so typed that). *jawa yell*

are you going to type that i made you laugh *laughs*

*sings jesus take the wheel from that is being sung on the tv in other room*. thats my favorite song *conitinues singing*

Me:Whats your  goal in life?

Ashley: to open a theatre become a director and actor, backup is help kids see the way to god go on mission trips and help people

Me:good answer

Me: i am tired of typing so that wraps up our interview

Ashley: thats nice *laughs*

i love this have you seen this? (shows pic of district 9 3/4 on facebook and other photos)

Me:any last thoughts or comments?

Ashley: nitwit blubber oddman tweak (sp?) may the odds be ever in your favor.

Me: thanks ashley

Ashley: okay

*both laugh *

Ashley: hehehehehe

So there you have it. and now its in the open I officially have a crazy sister. but i would have it no other way. Thanks Ashley for sitting down with me to do this. and for making me laugh love you sister. You definitly know how to make me smile.

Hope you all enjoyed. Thanks for reading God bless and MTFBWY

Favorite video Wednesday

Well its once again Wednesday, meaning its the day for favorite video Wednesday. This weeks picks are:

Video title : Obi-wan Kenobi:Zero to hero
Video maker :loopstagirl
Song: From Disney Movie Hercules

- I absolutly love this video, it combines two of my favorite things (Star Wars and Disney) and it features Obi-Wan (and since i know there are lots of obiwan fangirls who follow this blog so i figured it was perfect to share) The song is very upbeat and in my opinion fits obiwan very well. Hope you enjoy.

The next video is:
Title: Star Wars - We are one
video maker:rapislash
Song from: Lion King 2 (we are one)
- Another video that combines starwars and Disney (you will find lots of these, since i love Disney music and starwars lol) I also love Lion King and this video is really great for obi-wan and anakin. So Hope you enjoy this one also

Well thats all for this week, Hope you enjoy. God bless and May the Force Be With You always :D
Thanks for reading/watching :D

Monday, March 26, 2012

My interview with kayla

Hi y'all. I am back once again yay. and recently i had the pleasure of interviewing one of my Internet little sisters, Kayla, who i absolutely love to death. Thank you so much kayla, for doing the interview with me. hope you all enjoy it as much as I did doing it

Me/ JG: So first question. i think you told me before but for interview purposes, How did you get to know starwars

Kayla : Uhhhh, I don’t know where to start. Well lets see, every new years eve my family always watches movies past midnight and we eat junk food (lol!) so New Years Eve I got to watch A New Hope for the first time. After that I don’t know what happened, I was just obsessed with it. After watching ESB and RotJ my sister and I were hooked. Now I’m just crazy about it. Does that answer the question?

Me : lol yes it does. very cool good answer moving on, What are some things you think attract yourself and others to starwars

Kayla : The characters for sure. Who doesn't love Han Solo or relate to Luke Skywalker? Darth Vader is, like, the best villian ever and the stories are just so adventerous. I think unlike other sci-fi stories Star Wars focuses more on the characters of the story and not just the tech.

Kayla : Oh and the good vs. evil part of it.

Me : I agree very true. Who is your favorite character and why

Kayla : Well I have always been tied between Luke and Leia but I’m a girl so Leia wins out. I like Princess Leia because she is so different from the average damsel in distress. She puts all her being and strength into a good cause and she can take care of herself while still having a gentle side. I like girl characters who use guns so that has a lot to do with it I think.

Me : i agree she definitly can kick butt and is strong i definitly see why you like her
 soo next question is there a favorite starwars quote of yurs, and why do you like it?

Kayla : Ahhhh! Are you asking me to pick a favorite quote???? *deep breaths* I love ANYTHING C3po says because it is funny. I love it Han’s quote, "Hey! It’s me!" because sometimes I feel like that, I mean, "Hey! It’s me!" And also Darth Vaders quote, "I find your lack of faith disturbing." I feel that way sometimes about non-Christians, obviously not about the force but because creation it’s self screams God’s existence but they don’t believe, so it’s disturbing. There are LOTS more but that’s too much already. Lol!

Me : lol wow most impressive. I like those
 soo lets see who do you think is a better couple han/leia or anakin/padme

Kayla : Han and Leia for the win because they’re romance end’s happy. They started out enemies but they got past the things about the other one that annoyed them and became good friends. Anakin and Padme started out good friends and ended up enemies. It’s sad but Anakin didn’t deserve Padme.

Kayla : :( I mean, *wimper* he killed her.

Me : sorry for disappearing i was reading your blog lol anyway yes i agree and you make good points (though i will always be team ani/padme lol)

Kayla : Lol! Thanks. I know you will be... that's okay. XD

Me : lol

Me : okay sorry i am having one of those brain freezes your experinced lol

Kayla : Awww! lol, aren't they awful?

Me : yes they truly are.. ooh okay i got one.. Do you ever see Starwars fading out or do you think its going to continue being passed on from generation to generation

Kayla : Wait, do you mean like, everyone or me or what?

Me : like everyone, in other words do you think it will remain a pop culture icon or become a fad if that makes sense

Kayla : Oh okay, yeah that does make sense... one sec...

Kayla: ... I think it’s realistic to assume it will end someday in time, but I don’t think anytime soon. I really hope it doesn’t get forgotten though because it doesn’t deserve to be.

Me : good answer, I agree and i think its safe to assume it will be around for awhile

Me : okay brb i have to help with groceries

Kayla : Thanks and okay. XD

Kayla : Awwww man. I have to leave soon. :(

(So i was going to post the whole good bye conversation but decided not to, mainly because i am lazy, and way to sum it up kayla and me had to go so we said good bye and promised to continue interview later which we did today)

Me : yay do yu want to continue the interview

Kayla: Yes!!! Yes yes!

Me: yay okay so next question, what is your favorite movie of starwars and why

Kayla : I like Empire Strikes Back best because it has my favorite characters and is full of excitement. It’s got Luke taking down AT walkers and becoming a Jedi, Leia and Han flying out of control in space being chased by the Empire and going in asteroid fields, Darth Vader tells Luke he is his father and it’s got humor, good one-liners, a dramatic lightsaber fight and a lot of… cool stuff.

Me : very cool,wow i haven't seen that movie in over a year lol good answer

Kayla : Thanks. I haven't seen it in a while either.

Me : if you had to pick one scene of any starwars movie that really defines starwars for you or really means something to you what scene would that be

Kayla: Oooh hard one – well the Speeder Bike chase on Endor in RotJ. That is my favorite scene of movie history, period. LOL. The speed and exhilaration is just overwhelmingly exciting! And it’s got Luke and Leia who I love. I hope that answers the question.

Me : yes, i like that scene too.

Me: okay now if you don't mind we are going to move away from starwars for the rest of the interview

Kayla : Oh goody. (btw I got to watch that scene today I was so thrilled)

Kayla : Oh and yes, that is perfectly fine!

Me : awsomeness, so what would you say is your favorite disney movie

Kayla : Oh and yes, that is perfectly fine!

Me: awsomeness, so what would you say is your favorite disney movie

Kayla : Uhhh wait a minute, is Anne of Avonlea a Disney movie?

Me : i honestly don't know i have actually never heard of that movie lol

Me: sorry it may be though

Kayla : Lol, oh, actually I think Disney might of just distributed that movie. Does that still count or no?

Kayla: 'cause if you want I can pick a different movie. XD

Me : i guess we can count it lol

Me : soo okay what is your favorite disney song

Kayla: I don't want to sound cliche but honestly it's 'When Will My Life Begin' from Tangeld. XD

Me : ooh i love that song very pretty

Me: who would you say is the best disney character role model for young children

Kayla : Ooh good question, hee hee well I would have to say Belle because she loves her father and is brave and kind.

Me: i agree there are so many good things about belle, she is one of my top favorite princesses

Kayla : (oh and I have to add Esmerelda is good too because she stands up for the helpless, is kind and she prays to God)

Me : ooh good point, i like her too
: okay for a few general questions,
: since you asked me about my death lol time to get you back and ask when you die what is one thing you would want to be remembered for

Kayla : ROFL. Actually I love this question. The one thing I want to be remembered for by people is I was a good and loyal friend. XD

Me : aww well you definitly are

Me : okay ranty time what is your biggest pet peeve

Kayla : Okay, *deep breaths* Here is my answer...

Kayla : Woah, I have to figure out my biggest pet peeve…. well, I hate when people are overly critical of movies. I mean, I am critical of things in movies sometimes but I don’t make mountains out of mole hills. I’ve known some people who it seems watch movies JUST for the fun of picking at it. Just picking at every little thing they don’t like and it’s so annoying. IT’S A MOVIE FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!! Can I enjoy watching it? Sometimes I feel like, "WHY DID YOU WATCH THIS MOVIE IF IT’S SO TERRIBLE?" Ugh I wish haters like that would just shut up and go complain somewhere else. And I’m not talking about complaints about things someone thought was maybe inappropriate or something like that, but when they are unhappy about the hairstyles or the story plot and they hated the music and that actor was terrible and blah blah blah…. Uhg I’ve sat to sit through too many of those conversations and I HATE them…..XD *deep breaths*

Kayla : LOL! Thanks for asking, it's nice to get that off my chest.

Me : aww i agree thats definitly annoying
  okay one last question, and its a sw question lol, If you could change one thing about starwars in any of the movies what would you change and why

Kayla: OH I know exactly what.... I would give Leia a more modest and dignified outfit for the part in Jabba's palace because... well it's obvious isn't it. It's awkward, innaproriate, and just undignifiying to put the coolest Princess ever in *ahem* a bikini.

Me : lol good point kalya thanks for the interview and i will get this put up asap

Kayla : You're welcome, thanks for interviewing me! XD I can't wait to see it!
  They were really good questions. XD

and there you have it, yes i know its a bit random and at some parts all over the place but thats how we are lol. I had loads of fun doing this interview and thanks again Kayla, love you girly *hugs* hope you all enjoy :D

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Favorite video wednesday

okay so today is wednesday meaning its time for another favorite youtube video pick.

My pick this week is ....

Okay soo I don't like Miley Cyrus, she annoys me and irks me but I do like some of her songs and this one I think fits perfectly with anakin and ahsoka's relationship
The song is : Ready, Set, Don't go by billy ray and miley cyrus
The video is by :Arizonarunner92

The next video i want to share this week is

Okay first of all I love this song, it gives me chills everytime i listen to it. and put to starwar relationships is just epic
The song: You raise me up
video by:juliskywalker

Thanks for reading/watching hope you enjoy it

and if you have any suggestions on topics i can post about or anything you want to see on this blog please let me know I am more than open to suggestions on this blog or my other one thanks again God bless Mtfbwy

Friday, March 16, 2012

Revenge review

                                                *warning: review contains spoilers*

Well it took four seasons for obi-wan to finally be in a season finale, and when he is, he definitely doesn't have a very good time.

SO quick episode guide of the episode: Savage takes maul back to dathomire and Mother talzin fixes up his legs (using some sort of witchcraft). Savage and maul goes to a remote planet and basically gets obi wan to go alone (despite windu's opposition to the idea) to the planet, by destroying and killing the innocent civilians. so obi wan meets savage and maul there and pretty much gets his butt kicked, they knock him out unconscious, and take him aboard their ship, ventress (who finds out their location, by taking the job ,as a bounty hunter, to get savage) so obiwan and ventress team up are are able to escape savage and maul. and the episode ends

soo Let me start with what i didn't like- I definitely didn't care for the beginning with Mother Talzin, and all the witchcraft, I mean it was kind of neccessary to show how he got his legs and all but it wasn't my favourite. I also didn't like that the whole Maul issue wasn't resolved i was kinda hoping he would be out of the picture by the end of the episode, but I am anxious to see how it ends with him next season. The main thing I didn't like was the fact that there was no preview at the end for season 5, I was kinda looking foward to it soo I was a bit disappointed.

What I did like- Loved Obi-wan though he had his butt kicked throughout the episode he still had that bantering charming obiwan characterisic "I like your legs, they make you look taller" or "when i cut you in half i should have gone for your neck" hehe. I also loved him and Ventress working together and their banter with each other, it was really neat to see them work together for once and they actually worked really well together. Loved it. Loved the lightsaber battle it was completly epic.

Overall it was a fantastic episode, a great way to end season 4. Obi-Wan in my opinion shined in this episode. It had humor and action and was all around a great episode I would rate it an overall 9/10

Thanks for reading and MTFBWY

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Favorite video wednesday

Okay so I noticed this on lots of blogs where they have a schedule of posts. And though i know I would never stick to a main schedule I did like the idea and wanted to give it a try. At least for one of the days of the week and since this blog is kind inactive i feel this will help me update more. So from now on Wednesdays  on this blog are.....


soo every wednesday (or at least every Wednesday I remember hehe) I will post one or two or three of my favoirte youtube videos trying to keep them Disney or Star War related

So to start it off here is my pick for the week...

This video focuses mainly on anakin and padme though it does have a bit of obiwan and luke in it. It is to the song  "should've said no" by Taylor swift the video is by
I think it really fits anakin and some of his relationships and it combines my two favorite things star wars and Taylor Swift sooo enjoy

thanks for reading God bless MTFBWY

Sunday, March 11, 2012

more questions from the 11 tag

soo it appears i have once again been tagged and since I am bored and really like these questions and they are from a good friend with an awsome blog check her blog out Fangirl and Farmgirl and thanks Aayla for the tag soo though i won't do the full tag (sorry to lazy) i wil answer the questions

My 11 Questions

1. What is your biggest pet peeve
 hmm thats a tough one, probably when people judge others, it drives me up the wall, unless you are that person, you don't know their whole story what right do you have to judge them. Save that job for the Lord, he is the only one who should judge others

2. Why are you following my blog?
hmm i have no idea lol JK lets see because you are awsome and wonderful and a fellow sister and your blog like you is incredbile (nuff said)

3. If you could be a character from any movie who would you be and why
I honestly don't know I wanted to say padme since she gets anakin but her story doesn't have a very happy ending soo i guess ariel from little mermaid one because she gets prince Eric and she lives in the sea, i love the water so definitly ariel

4. Do you have a pet
I have two dogs one is a terrier mix named zeus, the other is a spaniel mix named sophie, I also have a cockatil named buckeye

5. What's your fav. video game
I am not a huge video game fan but i do like lightsaber duel on the wii

6. What's the name of your best friend
I honestly don't have one in mind at the moment i have several good friends but not reallly a best friend I guess i have to say my sister Ashley, she is related to me i know but we are super close she is my best friend, also my friends from church lets see Maria, Kristie
and of course all my sisters on the lakehouse :D

7. What did you dream about last night
Honestly i have no idea, I can't remember

8. Fav. dessert
yummy i love any dessert my favorite is soft serve ice cream, cake, candy, cotton candy really anything sweet oh and oreo cream pie lol

9. Can you do a personal trick (juggle, tongue clover, etc...)
Nope lol

10. What's one wierd thing about you
something wierd about me hmmm though i work at disney i still find it super magical and act like a child everytime i go

11. Random Question Of Your Choosing
ooh i get to choose the question now yay lets see What do I want to do in life?
I want to be a teacher and live the life God planned for me
thanks aayla for the tag that was fun. Thanks for reading God bless :D

Brothers Review

                                                   *warning: this post contains spoilers*

Sooo yeah i know this review is pretty late, honestly i have no excuse other than I am lazy and have been spent the last two days (literally all day) on the lakehouse hehe. anyways moving on to the point of this post.

Brothers definitly wasn't my favorite episode, however it did have some really good moments. I am truly not a huge fan of maul or savage so I knew from before it started it probably wouldn't appeal to me, but I honestly enjoyed it more then I thought I would.

okay quick download: This episode was basically just Savage tracking down and looking for his lost brother Darth maul.

since i like to leave things on a postive note let me start with what i didn't like about the episode: Like I said before I don't much care for Maul, even since episode 1 he has creeped me out. and spider maul was no better actually it was a great deal creepier, Savage toward the end of the episode started to annoy me "brother is that you" "we are brothers" i mean comeon i think maul gets the point repeating the word brother over and over again i don't know it bugged me.It seemed like this episode was dragged out in my opinion. Pretty much the entire episode was savage looking for maul. I have to be honest it started to bore me. I was upset when savage dumped the pilot but i understand it, it kinda enforces just how much of a monster he really is.

Okay moving on to what i did like: I actually really liked the snake guy though he creeped me out a bit i found him interesting (he was like in a way the jar jar of the episode hehe)
He was humorus (at least in my opinion) I loved seeing him annoy the heck out of savage :D I definitly had a feeling savage was going to kill him but i have to admit i didn't see him working for maul though looking back it definitly makes sense.

Though several have said they didn't see the point in the scene i personally loved the scene of the diner
(not the diner scene part i am talking about but pretty cool and disturbing)

I loved Anakin and Ahsoka's scene, Anakin's line "I'm hungry" really just shows more of his personality and it provided some humor (like snake dude) to a pretty creepy episode.
The guy about to hit anakin and ahsoka with a frying pan (though i didn't even honestly realize it at first unitl my crazy fangirl sisters at the lakehouse went all fangirl over it :D) was pretty cool
(the weapon of choice in any situation)

I loved Anakin sensing something familiar and simarly ventress sensing something. It reneforces just how powerful savage and maul are and that something is defintily brewing and is not going unnoticed.

I loved the temple scene with obiwan and yoda, though obiwan (not surprisingly for him though) seemed very calm considering an old enemy who wants revenge on him was back (though he may be doubting it in a way even if the info came from yoda himself).

so not my fave but not bad overall i guess i would give it a 6/10

I am definitly looking foward to next week's episode. Definitly looks epic and obiwan is finally in a finale soo that in its self is totally epic hehe.

Anyway thanks for reading God bless and May the force be wtih you always

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bounty review

                            *Note this review will contain spoilers*

Sorry I know this review is late but I had work Friday and saturday and been lazy anywho I am actually a bit surprised about how much I enjoyed this episode, since it once again lacked any jedi and usually any episode without jedi bores me. Yeah I know thats a little... whats the word I am looking for.... I guess quick to judge but its true.

Despite this episodes lack of jedi, It was actually a pretty good episode, I mean I watched it at like past midnight after working all night and it completly held my attention.

I loved seeing Tatooine animated and seeing Jawas definitly made me excited lol. I acutally enjoyed the catina scene which is unusual for me.

These past few episodes definitly changed my view on ventress. Both of the episodes, especially this one we have seen a whole new side of her. She definitly showed she had a heart in this episode or at least cared a bit. First she let the girl go and then she shared the earnings with the others both of these moves i would not have expected from her (especially earlier in the series) so it was nice to see her in that light.

I had a feeling that there was a person inside of the chest but i had no idea the connection she had to the ninja dudes (can't remember what they were called hehe) That completly caught me by surprised and I liked that bit of a twist in the episode.

Another character I loved in this episode is Bobba, up to this point i mean I guess he was alright but i was never really interested in him. However this episode he really showed leadership and loved his new look. I don't know there was something about him that i really liked. Though i have to admit it cracked me up when ventress delivered him in the chest to the king :)

Loved the hand to hand combat in the episode especially with the different bounty hunters definitly very cool.

I really like the whole train robbery feel to this episode. At first when the episode (well the mission part of the episode) started i thought it would be a bit boring but i was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong.

really the only thing I didn't like was the lack of Jedi, call me stubborn but in my opinion the best episodes have at least one but preferably all 3 of the dream team hehe (anakin,obiwan and ahsoka) or at the very least clones hehe but this episode still was pretty good not my favorite by a long shot but i still very much enjoyed it overall i guess i would give it a 8/10

Sorry this review is a bit all over the place I am tired when writing this but didn't want to put it off anyway thanks for reading God bless

Thursday, March 1, 2012

One More Disney Day and other Magic kingdom news

Soo I realized i haven't done a Disney post in a long while and since Disney did something yesterday for the first time in history so what better time to post. right?

Yesterday (leap day) Disneyland and Magic Kingdom at Disney world stay opened for 24 hours from 6am wednesday morning to 6am thursday morning Part of their One More Disney Day event

From what i could tell and what i Heard it was a huge success we got there at about 9pm wednesday night and they were packed. They had two parades, extra shows (frontierland hoedown, which usually has its last show in the afternoon had an extra show at 2:45am) they also had a dance party at the castle front from 1am to 5 ot 5:30am.

Soo in other Magic kingdom news, in the past couple of weeks Magic Kingdom started the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. which is pretty much an interacitve game that takes place throughtout the magic kingdom, except tommrow land.
You start your journey at the fire station where you recieve a pack of 5 "spell cards" with different disney character pics on them, a key card, and a map
Picture of some of the cards they have and the key card

part of the map you get

So once you get your cards and map (5 cards per one visit, they scan your ticket) you go to a portal which looks like this
you scan the key cad and the animation begins it gives you a certain location to begin at (random) and basically you cast spells and defeat villians

not only is this fun and interactive, its also a good collecting passtime since you get 5 cards each time definitly something to check out next time you go to Magic kingdom

Last thing I want to talk about for the magic kingdom is several months ago they revealed the castle show "The Magic, The Memories, and you" this is definitly one of my favorite shows its a projection show on the castle, in addition to showing pics of guests taken throughtout the day they also have some great projection tricks like having the whole castle on fire, different colors etc its hard to describe so here are some pics

yay so that concludes my post thanks for reading and Have a magical day :)

(*note: I don't own any of these pictures all found on bing images)