Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Friend in Need review

Warning: This post contains spoilers

Okay I know there are tons of reviews out there (and as soon as my computer stops being its stubborn self I will read and comment on them) and tons of different opinions about this episode. Some hate it, others love it, others have mix feelings about it. For those who don't know (which i'm sure is like no one reading this but just in case) "A Friend in Need" reunites Lux and Ahsoka.

I personally LOVED this episode. Usually honestly unless an episode has all three of the "dream team" (anakin, ahsoka, and obiwan) or at the very least two of the three, it rarely makes it to one of my favorites. I still love the other episodes but I perfer the ones that have all three, I love seeing their interactions. However this episode is the exception (though i was very happy anakin did make an appearance via hologram).

Up til this episode I was unsure about Lux. Espeically him with Ahsoka, and I was very curious to see this episode before making up my mind about him. Honestly I LOVED him in this episode. Yes, he was very boneheaded at times and stupid. And i wanted to punch him in the face some times (espeically when he pulled a gun or blaster on ahsoka, what the heck was that about ?????) but most kids his age are like that and his concern for ahsoka was rea in my opinion.

Okay now for the big moment of the night the Kiss I truthfully both laughed and cheered, I was .... searching for the right word to describe.... like in disbeleif but also kinda glad about it hehe. It was cute in my opinion and it was really cool seeing them together and ahsoka really acting her own age throughout the episode especailly the transmission with anakin, I loved the look of amusement he had on his face when ahsoka told Lux it was fine when he was apologizing to anakin hehe.

Let me touch on the other parts of the episode i guess. The return of death watch was awsome, I really almost cried with the colony being destroyed the young girl (can't think of her name) being killed, but the effects and the fire and the way it looked was sooo cool. I loved R2D2 in this episode, well i loved him before but he Shined in this one the part with all the droids saying help us or whatever had me cracking up kinda creepy.

So overall I loved this epsiode though i like rex and ahsoka together i got to say as of now i'm definitly as Lux/ahsoka fan hehe.

okay and quick note the preveiw for the next episode especially the one of obiwan's funeral had me going completly fangirl and breaking my heart at the same time i am sooo excited for next week its going to be awsome. Especially seeing ahsoka's and even more so anakin's reaction to obi's "death" is going to be interesting and really sad... how am i going to make it through the week so exicted well thats all for now thanks for reading :) God bless

Monday, January 9, 2012

Escape from Kadavo Review

Okay so this is my first review but i figured why not give it a try.

The episode Escape from Kadavo, which was the last part of the slave arc, was in my opinion INCREDIBLE. I loved this whole arc but this was definitly my fave of the three. This episode had me squeeling like a 10 year old fangirl. The first fangirl squel took place when Anakin held the lightsaber to the queen and said " I don't run away from anything" or something along those lines pure epicness and his escape from the guards brilliant hehe.

Loved the anakin/ahsoka moments and there were a few. I love seeing them work together and for some reason the whole scene of him rescuing her is one of my faves hehe.

Now lets not forget about obiwan and rex the first few scenes of them broke my heart Poor obiwan he is not having a good season. I will get back to them in a minute

we also got to see plo and his squardron awsomeness.

and did anyone else catch the look between anakin and ahsoka when he killed the guards soo cool she definitly is noticing the "dark" side of anakin.

Okay for my Favorite quote/moment of all time (well at least this entire arc) goes to REX i mean comeon who could resist going complete fangirl when he killed the keeper with the line "I'm No Jedi" EEEP i was going crazy hehe best moment of the night.

I also really liked the ending with anakin giving ahsoka credit for saving the togrutas and all what can i say i love the lighter moments.

The preview for the rest of the season looks awsome can't wait for more.

NOTE: yes i'm aware this review is a bit all over the place and names are not correct or not used but hey i'm in a random mood and didn't feel like looking up name spellings and exact quotes today hehe anyways thats all for now thanks for reading God bless

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Okay so its not really Disney or Starwars but i have major news.

Today is the grand opening of ........ NO CHAINS..... YAY

Hang on most of you are probably scratching your head and wondering what the heck NO CHAINS is. Let me explain.. NO CHAINS is a message board or forum for anyone and everyone a place to discuss tons of different topics and talk about what matters to you.

why the name NO CHAINS you ask? well i can't really take credit for that one I was throwing around names and my sister came up with it and it fits perfectly its a place for anyone and everyone reguardless of age, gender, race, hobbies, interest, whatever there are no restrictions to who can join (well not spammers but no one welcomes them)  There is also no (within reason) topics to discuss. Harry Potter, starwars , twilight, music, hobbies, food, drink, tv, debate, whatever you can think of you can discuss.

so sound cool to you ? check us out and join here the link

a quick note to all my Lakehouse sisters,
  Please don't think this is my way of rebeling or trying to replace the lakehouse its definitly not. I still am definitly going to be on the Lakehouse, this is just a more open message board for all to join please feel free to come and join us i hope you do. and don't worry Lakehouse will always be number 1 in my heart. Love you all

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Starwar Favorites

Okay. Well since yesterday i talked about Disney and a lot of my favoirte of Disney, I figured today I will take time to talk about my favorite Starwar stuff. Yay. Can you feel the excitement hehe okay and to make it even more interesting i will use pictures WOOHOO. anywho here its goes

My Favorite Character is .......

This is actually a tough question because there are like 2 or 3 that stand out but if i was forced to pick one i would have to go with ...
Yep Anakin Skywalker. Come on what fangirl doesn't go crazy with him. not to mention the movies kinda focus on his story and besides that he was the first character i loved from starwars so he wins my vote. moving one

Favorite couple ...

Anakin and Padme. Definitly no question. They were made for each other and really Anakin loved Padme to death (literally)

Favorite movie..
another hard choice since i love all the prequel movies but gotta go with...

Attack of the Clones. Revenge of the sith comes in close second but love this movie the best maybe because its the first one i watched?

Favorite Clone war character

hmm well since i picked anakin for best overall character got to go with

Ahsoka. Honestly whats not to love about Ahsoka shes kick-ass and just plain awsome

Favorite clone...

Rex is definitly one of my faves but my favorite of all times is one in my opinion who really needs more screen time my beloved ....


Favorite book or book series of starwars....

Way to many to choose from but some of my top faves are the jedi quest series, jedi apprentice series and the Gambit books

Favorite clone war episodes...

No possible way to pick some top faves are

The Mortis trilogy
Weapons factory and brain invaders

and storm over Ryloth
seriously though i could go on and on and on in case you haven't realized i'm OBSESSED with this show hehe

Thanks for reading and May the Force be with you

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What I love about Disney

Okay I know what your thinking probably silly title right?? I mean what's not to love about the mouse house. But this is the post where i say how great Disney is and what it means to me and also talk about some of my favorites.

Growing up in Florida. I grew up going to Disney. I still remember waking up early with so much excitement and heading to Disney. Disney is truly a Magical place. Its a place where young and old alike can kick back and enjoy themselves and be a kid again, where else can you do that. Disney is a fantastic company not only creating memories for families that will last a lifetime but also giving back to the community. I am actually proud to be a Disney Cast Member.

okay enough of the sappy talk (well there still may be sappy stuff but just go with it) on to some of my personal faves. YAY (feel the excitement hehe)

Okay first lets start with my Favorite Disney memory shall we?

 One of my favoirte memeories was on a school day me and my sister woke up and got ready for school. Got in the car with our backpacks and our mom told us we were not going to school, we were going to go to Disney. We opened our backpacks and there was things you need to go to Disney, sunscreen, water,hat,etc. Or one time when our uncle couldn't use his timeshare there so he gave it to us we got to stay at the Old Key West resort me and my sister had our own seperate room (it was like a villa so it had like 3 rooms) we had a kitchen and a hot tub. Then me and my sister and dad went to the Parks and then my mom joined us the next day and we hung out at the hotel it was sooo much fun.

Favorite ride?

This is a tough choice so i'm going to break it down by park
Magic Kingdom- space mountain
Epcot- Test track
Animal kingdom- toughest choice got to go with Everest
Hollywood Studios- umm okay i have two Star tours and tower of terror

Favorite show?
Dream along with Mickey

Favorite Disney treat?
Funnel cake

Favorite Character?
 peter pan or prince eric

Favorite movie?
 Lion King

Favorite song?
Soo many to choose from some of my favorites include. Son of man from Tarzan, Circle of life and can you feel the love tonight from lion king and Part of your world from little mermaid.

Favorite princess?

Favorite park?
Animal kingdom (unless its summer and sww then of course Hollywood studios)

So that does it for this entry :) thanks for reading and HAVE A MAGICAL DAY