Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving


I want to wish you all a wonderful blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. We have so much to be thankful for and I love getting to take the day to celebrate the many blessings we have with family and friends.

I do have to take a moment to address something that really bothers me and that is how people tend to skip over Thanksgiving. Sure I get decorating for Christmas and all that is fine but spending Thanksgiving as a shopping day is completely unacceptable in my opinion. It is sickening how this day that we set aside for all we have and the blessings we have has been turned into a materialistic day to buy buy buy. Why can't we wait one day does black Friday really have to start Thanksgiving Day I mean really. I can't celebrate Thanksgiving giving thanks for what I am thankful for I need to buy more things to be thankful for or really not because I will never have enough we live in a society where its we need more more more. And all those poor people who have to work today so we can buy buy buy. Many will say they should be thankful they have a job and overtime and blah blah blah tell that to the kids who's parents won't be home today to celebrate with them because they have to ring us up for our shallow needs. 

Sure I have worked Thanksgiving but working Disney is a bit better at least because of me and other cast members working other families get to spend time together. That said I am happy and thankful one of my fellow coworkers took my shift today so I can spend this day with my family. 

But I don't want to have this post be all negative I am thankful for many things.
  For my parents who has been there for me since I was born I can't imagine life without them sure they drive me crazy sometimes but they have made me who I am today, They support me in whatever I do and love me unconditionally 
 For my sister who is my best friend. We are closer than anyone I know she is definitely a part of me and we do everything together I know I can always count on her to be there. She reminds me not to take my self to seriously and that its more than okay to be who I am.
 For my brother and his family my sister in law and my three beautiful nephews. I love them all so much though I don't see them very often they always live in my heart and prayers 
For my aunts, uncles and cousins- I love being in big family that has so much love in it and I love when we can all come together. 
For my grandpa- I love him so much he is funny kind and always puts God and family first he is my role model.
 For my grandmas and grandpa in heaven- though they are no longer with me here on Earth I am thankful for the time I did get to spend with them and I know they are looking down on me
For my lakehouse sisters- I have never met such a wonderful funny crazy passionate loving group of girls until I met them and I am so thankful I have. They have inspired me, encouraged me, been there for me and made me laugh and I love them all so much.
 For my job at Disney- I am so honored to work for a wonderful company with wonderful people I never know what each day will hold. Disney has allowed me to grow as a person. 
 For my Faith-God is at the center of everything I do and everything I am. I know I can trust him and he is always there for me and with that what do I have to fear.
For my church- My second family I love all the people there I love being able to share my faith with the little ones as a teacher 
For all the blessings I have clothes on my back food on my table shelter over my head, cars to get me where I am going, being able to go to work and school. Everything I need I have

God has blessed me in so many ways with so many people and I am so Thankful so with that a very happy thanksgiving to you all I love you all and thanks for following may God bless

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