Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kayla's birthday post

I know I kinda epically failed on posting about sww. I may do it as a later post or try better next time for Celebration 6 sorry :D I just have been super busy and lazy so sorry about the lack of activity on here... anyway getting to the reason i am posting this in the first place...

this wednesday is ...


For those who don't know Kayla (i am sure everyone on here does but..) She is a fellow starwar fangirl, lakehouse sister. and she has an amazing blog that you should totally check out if you havent done so already  click here to check it out.

Kayla is one of the nicest sweetest funniest girls you will ever meet and I am honored to call her my internet sister.

To Kayla,
  First and foremost hope you have a birthday as special and magnificant as you are. I love chatting with you on the lakehouse you never fail to make me laugh. You truly are a wonderful young girl and I am so glad I have gotten to know you. *hugs* thanks for being such an awsome interenet sister
  Love you lots and God bless

now here are some photos i hope you will enjoy all dedicated to the one and only kayla

SO there you have it Hope you enjoyed this post kayla. I know this post is early but nothing wrong with celebrating early right? and knowing me if i put it off it would never get done lol. Hope you have a fantastic birthday kayla *hugs* love ya girly God bless



  1. OMW!!! Thank you so much, JG!!! *hugs* I love the birthday post!!! Thank you so much!! I love those pictures too!!! All of them!!! :D Thank you for all your kindness, you're a great big sister and I'm glad I got to know you too! :D Thank you so much! I don't mind if it's early at all. XD


  2. aww your very welcome kayla I am so glad you like it i took a lesson from tabbs and stalked you okay not really most of it you told me you liked but maria or whoever i heard you and snips talking about her so i thought to include her lol see i can stalk too lol :D anyway happy early birthday love ya sister glad you liked it

  3. Awesome pictures! I can't wait for wednesday then!!! :) Happy almost birthday Kayla! :)