Sunday, July 15, 2012

A rambly starwars related post

Hiya I am back once again. Sorry but i couldn't decide what to write about and then I was to lazy to write a full blog post about Star War weekends and now that has long since past (though no worries i will still be mentioning it in this post because I can nuff said).

In addition to the long past Star War weekends Celebration 6 is also fast approaching less then 40 days away yikes and of course from comic con many fun and excting things were revealed about Starwars clone wars season 5. So all of that plus some Star War randomness (don't act like you ain't excited) are going to be included in this post. I figured while I have the inspriation to write may as well post everything at once in one blog post. SOO without further delay here is my random post yay

Starting with a topic where a post is LONG overdo... Star War weekends 2012

A long long time ago in a galaxy not so far away.....

(okay sorry thats a bit much huh? I should warn you I am in a weird and random mood today and my post shall reflect that mood consider yourselves warned) anyway back to the story or post.

I attended Starwar Weekends. It was hosted by...

The two lovely and extreamly talented hosts James Arnold Taylor and Ashley Eckstein, honestly Disney could not find two better hosts then these two they did an outstanding job and made the event that much more amazing.

At Starwar weekends there was lots to do

our days usually started really early like between 1am-5am

There were parades to see

Shows to see
              James Arnold Taylor sporting an obiwan beard during the Behind the Force show

                            James Arnold Taylor during the Obiwan and Beyond show

During the first weekend my sister was chosen during the Behind the Force show to go up and do lines with another guest and the celebrities. :D

Dave Came the last weekend and had a special show with him and Ashley, it was a question and answer session so much fun.

Sorry these pictures are out of order anyway the shows included:
  Behind the Force: hosted by Ashley Eckstein- gave a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make an episode of the clone wars
 Stars of the saga- Hosted by James Arnold Taylor- Talk show with the Starwars stars
 Obiwan and Beyond- James Arnold Taylor's show where he talked about being a voice actor as well as some background information and showed off his incredible voice talent- definitly one of my favorite shows - Can't wait to see the full version during Celebration 6
The first two weeks they also had a show A trip to the Maul hosted by JAT and staring Ray Park where Ray showed off his martial arts skills and then taught a group of kids-sooo cute

There was also plenty of characters to meet

And no I had no idea the clone was right behind me lets just say the next facial expression I had was a look of fright lol

Celebrities to meet

And lots of random fun to be had..

We learned years ago that if you give a Jawa a lightsaber he loves showing it to the Jedi and their reaction (especially anakin's) is priceless

There you have it Sww in pictures at least a few. So it may be late but at least i got it done. :D

Moving on to the next big event in the Star Wars world and that is none other than Celebration 6
I am so excited (though i will be a lot more excited when i actually buy the tickets lol) but I  can't wait to see my fellow lakehouse sisters, and all the panels and all the excitement wow less then 40 days its coming so fast.

(yeah i know that section was short trust me I will have alot more on celebration later)

Now for Clone Wars Season 5 during comic con they released several new clips and informtaion

For those who haven't seen the clips here they are

Obiwan and Bo-Katan wow epicness definitly looking foward to this episode

If you go to this link you can find some other cool information revealed at the season 5 panel at comic con tweeted by Amy Ratcliffe
It also contains the link for the two clips released

Well this post was a lot longer then i expected it to be hope you enjoyed stay tuned for more also look for the return of Favorite video wednesdays i know i haven't done them in awhile but they shall be back hopefully this week. Thanks for reading and following. Comments are appreciated. Bye for now MTFBWY


  1. I've heard so much about Star Wars Weekends from Savanna and many other people. It sounds like a lot of fun, and I wish I could have gone. :) I'm looking forward to Celebration VI though!

    May the Force be with you!

    1. awsome thanks for reading hope you can go to sww sometime its definitly alot of fun :D Mtfbwy also

  2. Awesome post, jedigirl!! :D :D Looks like you and your sister had a lot of fun at SWW; that was really cool that you got to go up there and read lines!!! XD XD
    I also can't wait for CVI!!! It's going to be EPIC! :D I'm definitely looking forward to meeting you and everyone there :D
    I also really love that clip! :D Obi-Wan Kenobi looks so amazing and awesome in Mando armor and having him work with Bo-Katan makes it even more cool :D

    1. thanks for reading and commenting shena and yeah my sister got to go up she tried to get me to volunteer but i was like no way lol (I can't do voice impressions to save my life lol and i would probably die of stage fright hehe not to mention being up there with JAT and Dee bradly baker and Ashley Eckstein i would probably faint hehe and that would not be pretty) I agree C6 is going to be epic can't wait to see you there and yes obiwan looks amazing in mando gear lol but then again its obiwan :D Mtfbwy

  3. Awesome post! I wish I could go to star wars weekends, but it's sooo far away from here! I loved the trailer. Jedi plus Mandalorian is an interesting mix :)

  4. Wow! That looks like so much fun, I wish I could be there!

  5. This looks awesome!!! Wish I could've gone!!! :D :D I really enjoyed looking at the pictures and seeing what it was like! Thanks for posting this amazing post! :D
    One question, where did you get that little fish thing on the side of your blog?


    1. aww thanks so much for reading and commenting and to answer your question all you do is go to layout and click add gadget click most popular and it should be the 2nd or 3rd one down it says fish click on it to add it to your blog hope that helps

    2. Thanks JG!!! :D :D And your welcome! ;)