Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Catch up Post, Celebration, clone wars season 5, and more

Wow its been a while. Sorry. with school and work and being lazy I haven't had time for poor blogger to post anything (or read anything ) so for those who have blogs I promise I will catch up. Can't wait to read all the amazing blogs I have been missing. Since I have been gone ALOT has happened.. I went to Celebration VI and had an amazing time with some of the coolest people ever, Starwars Clone Wars Season 5 started and if I must say the Premier was amazing. Oh and I actually came back just in time on blogger to mention that one of my wonderful little lakehouse sisters, who I love has turned 16 today. Happy Birthday Grace. So let the catch up post begin.

                                               Celebration VI

Celebration VI was simply amazing, having a wonderful convention about the epic saga of Starwars is fantastic enough. Sharing the experince with not only thousands of other fans, but my little sister as well as several of my lakehouse sisters was honestly one of the best moments of my life. I can't possibly talk about everything I did and honestly since i just got off work I am super lazy but let me give you some top faves. First of all Just spending time with my lakehouse sisters (and their wonderful parents) was fabulous. Taking crazy picutres around the convention hall definitly a highlight. Favorite show/events/ panels include of course the Season 5 Premier of Clone Wars, seeing it with the group was so much fun and wow what a way to kick off the season (more on that later). The clone war cast panel was fantasic, watching the cast of clone wars talk with each other is just incredible they are such an amazing group of people, and of course never short on laughs :D. James Arnold Taylors show was Outstanding though me and my sister has seen it several times during SWW the full version just blew me away. He held my attention the entire show. I was on the edge of my seat and usally in stitches laughing so hard. His ending speech had me very very close to tears. Overall it was an outstanding event and I am definitly looking foward to Celebration 7

(yes I know that was  a really short and lame excerpt of celebration vi but cut me some slack I am sleepy and full of excuses lol  and there would be pictures but they are not on this computer and as I said I am lazy and don't wanna switch computers, and yes i know that if I am tired i shouldn't be writting a blog but if i don't do it now I will never get to it lol ) anyway moving on

Clone wars Season 5 -Revival

  Okay so like I am sure many of were, at first I was uncertain about Maul coming back I mean he is cool and all but honestly he creeps me out and is definitly not my favorite character, so I was kind of weary on having him show up in the clone wars. However seeing him and savage work together is super cool in my opinion being able to see their dynamics first as brothers and now it looks as if it is moving towards Master and apprentice is definitly something I am looking foward to seeing more of. I got to say Obiwan rocked this episode. The lightsaber duels between him, savage and maul were stunning. (and he claimed another arm go obiwan lol). It was sad to see Adi die though I defnitly saw it coming. Though obiwan was epic and Maul and Savage were cool to watch in my opinion Hondo stole the show, he was epic, he has definitly became my favorite "villian". and i definitly can't wait to see more of him. If this episode is any indicator its going to be a fantastic season. The cast and crew of clone wars definitly out did themselves and I cannot wait to see what they have in store.

                                 Jedi~chick is sixteen.

Okay so most of you know that our beloved Jedi chick is officially sixteen today. Happy Birthday to my absolutly amazing lakehouse little sister. You truly astound me with the thing you do. You are one of the kindest, sweetest, hard working girls I know and its hard to believe your only 16 you have wisdom far beyond your years. It has been an honor getting to meet you and know you and to call you my little sis. *hugs* hope you have(had) and incredible birthday live it up you only turn 16 once and embrace everything life throws at you, Happy Birthday Jedi~Chick love ya sister

well there is my quick and lazy catch up post, I am going to do my best to keep up with the blog looking foward to doing a post about the New Fantasyland soon exciting stuff stay tuned.

thanks for reading
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  1. Fun post! I wish I could have gone to the Celebration VI, but I might be going next year. :D

  2. Awesome post! :) I want to go to CVI :P
    Best wishes, Grace, if you're reading this :)

  3. Awesome post!! :D I loved meeting you and everyone else at Celebration VI! :D