Thursday, November 22, 2012

update and Happy Thanksgiving

Hiya all even though I did a Thanksgiving post on my other blog I am still doing one on this one. I know I haven't update in the longest time. I had every intention of doing Clone war episode reviews and that really didn't happen lol (I am definitly going to start after the break hopefully) I am also hoping to do a Disney post on the new Fantasyland as soon as I find time :D So no fear this blog is still active or at least alive.

Anyways Today is Thanksgiving. So first of all A very happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for each and every one of you.

Some other things I am thankful for

1. My relationship with God,
     No matter what life throws at me I know God is always there standing right beside me, No matter how bad things get I know that he is with me through it all and its all in his hands

2. My family
  Other than God nothing is more important then family. They are my support system, my entertainment, my cheerleaders, my managers (sometimes), my shoulder to cry on, my mentors, my inspiration. I cannot imagine life without them. They are always there for me and I truly am loved.

3. My friends (especially online friends)
   Other people I cannot imagine life without, I thank God for you all everyday. Thank you all for being such wonderful friends I love each and every one of you

4. My job
   Sure I may complain now and again but how could I not love my job, I have the job of making dreams come true at the happiest place on Earth. I may be a cashier but my job is so much more than that its finding the little ways to make someones day a little brighter and setting the foundation of making memories that will last a life time (okay maybe a bit cheesy but its true) as an added bonus getting into Disney free and getting to create memories with my family especially my best friend, my sister. Is something truly priceless. I work with so many wonderful people who make working fun. I can honestly say I am lucky and I love my job

5. My fandoms
  Which mainly include Harry Potter, Starwars, Xmen, and Hunger games (not in that order) they not only provide entertainment but have open the door to so many oppurtunities and allowed me to meet so many wonderful people. They have become a huge part of my life

6. The simple things that I never remember to mention a roof over my head, plenty to eat,  a warm bed, clean clothes, a car, nature, the beautiful world that God has made for us to enjoy. Things I so often take for granted and forget just how Miraculous and wonderfu they truly are.

7. Those serving in the Military
    Your sacrifice is not taken for granted because of your bravery I am able to sleep a little easier at night thank you for all you do.

Hope you all have a blessed thanksgiving thanks for reading stay tuned for more. God bless and MTFBWY


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!! :D Great post, I agree, I am very thankful for such things as family, friends, and fandoms. I'm very glad to have met you :D :D