Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Lakehouse Forums turn 2

Hello all. As many of you know the beloved Lakehouse forums turned two today. I for one can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating our 1st anniversery, and looking back its incredible to think of all we gone though. Both the good times that we will treasure in our hearts forever and the bad that we wish we could forget but also understand that going through it has made us even stronger.

When I first joined the lakehouse I expected to chat about starwars and maybe make a few online friendships but I never imagined how important and special the lakehouse would become and how big it would be in my life. I never expected to meet so many wonderful girls and to become connected to each and everyone one of them. I never expected for the lakehouse to become a place where fellow members turned from strangers to close friends and online sisters. I never imagined I would ever spend hours on one website chatting with such wonderful friends.

In past forums and sites I would spend a few months and then move on never to visit again and honestly i thought the lakehouse would be like that and admittedly the first time i came on it was but after meeting JC at Sww and hearing her talk about it I decided I had to give it another chance at least check it out once more, and truthfully my expectations weren't high. I thought it would be another fad site. I couldn't believe the warm open armed welcome I recieved with those i have met before welcoming me back as a long lost friend. and new friends being so welcoming and inviting. From those first few days I knew the lakehouse was something special but i still had my doubts on how long I would be interested. Soon, however it turned from having some cool conversations to making some true friendships.

I love each and every one of you fellow lakehouse sisters and I so proud of everything we have gotten through and accomplished. I had the pleasure of meeting some of you this past summer and will treausre those memories always and pray that more oppurtunities to meet you all arise sometime in our futures. The lakehouse has become more than just a forum it has become a support system. A place we can come no matter what or how we feel and know we are in a safe enviroment surrounded by friends. It has become a hangout where I obsessively check whats going on and most importantly it has become a family of fangirls all trying to make sense of the world and looking for those who are like us in place we are not only welcomed but truly belong.

Happy Anniversery my fellow lakehouse sisters and heres to many many more years . Praying for many blessings in the coming year love you all and of course MTFBWY always. God bless


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