Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hello All.

I know it has been a long time since I blogged. I have been epically failing at maintaining this blog but it is something I am working on Promise. It seems this year has flown by and Christmas kinda just snuck up on me. At first it seemed that it was way off and then next thing I know its here and I realized I didn't do half the things I was going to for example getting Christmas cards out or buying tons of presents or decorating like crazy (most of our decorating was done the day before Christmas eve) for a lot of the season finding time for all of this stressed me out in a way I felt obligated to get it done but I didn't and the world didn't end. I still had a fantastic Christmas. I am learning to let things go not just not worry about things but realize that if not everything gets done its okay. In stressing about the hustle and bustle of the holiday I was missing the true meaning of it. And with talking to other people I realize I wasn't the only one.

Christmas is a time of peace a time to celebrate with family and friends and remember the best gift ever given and rejoice in the birth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. That is all the matters during the season. Making sure decorations are up and perfect, stressing on getting money to buy the best gifts, getting cards out on time isn't necessary sure its nice but why put ourselves through so much stress during such a wonderful and magical time of year.

Think back to when you were a young child and the magic the Christmas season brought. I remember waiting for Christmas and it seemed like it would never come but the anticipation was part of the magic. Now as we grow older it seems there is never enough time to get everything done and Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, changes from a magical holiday to a deadline a day everything we prepared for is due and our effort is shown.

Why is that why do we focus so much on hurrying about to make is so special and big, all the while stressing ourselves to the max. That's not was Christmas is about. Being with family and friends and letting each other know how special they are to you (and there are more ways to do that then just with expensive gifts) and truly celebrating each others company and the miraculous birth of Jesus THAT IS WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT. The other stuff is details all the planning and buying and decorating and stressing in the world isn't what creates that magical feeling of Christmas. Being together and remembering the true reason for the season is what creates that. Sometimes its easy to forget that smaller and simple is sometimes better.

With that said, I hope each and everyone of you has a very Merry Christmas. I have.

Most of our Christmas this year took place Christmas eve since my dad had to be at work early this morning. When my mom came home from work we went out to dinner. Then we came home and opened presents. I got a K-cup coffee Maker (gotta have my coffee), Fabulous boots (which are also perfect for sww), Brita Water bottle, a game, pjs, Starwars mug and travel mug set, starwars crayola story studio (even though I am 22 I still totally flipped over this so awesome :D ), and early Christmas present (like early november) of the HerUniverse Ahsoka Tunic, and some other small things. After we all opened presents we kinda just hung out and relaxed the rest of the night. At midnight me, my sister and mom went to midnight mass. Then this morning we had a French toast breakfast so yummy, played yatzee then went to the movies. We saw Parental Guidance, and it was amazing loved the movie definitly recommend it. and now we are haning out til dinner (we are having skyline chili yummy :D)

So that's my Christmas. I hope each of you had an amazing day too to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Thaks for reading Merry Christmas and God bless

Thanks and of course May the force be with you


  1. Merry Christmas! :D I'm glad you had a good time with your family :)