Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What I love about Disney

Okay I know what your thinking probably silly title right?? I mean what's not to love about the mouse house. But this is the post where i say how great Disney is and what it means to me and also talk about some of my favorites.

Growing up in Florida. I grew up going to Disney. I still remember waking up early with so much excitement and heading to Disney. Disney is truly a Magical place. Its a place where young and old alike can kick back and enjoy themselves and be a kid again, where else can you do that. Disney is a fantastic company not only creating memories for families that will last a lifetime but also giving back to the community. I am actually proud to be a Disney Cast Member.

okay enough of the sappy talk (well there still may be sappy stuff but just go with it) on to some of my personal faves. YAY (feel the excitement hehe)

Okay first lets start with my Favorite Disney memory shall we?

 One of my favoirte memeories was on a school day me and my sister woke up and got ready for school. Got in the car with our backpacks and our mom told us we were not going to school, we were going to go to Disney. We opened our backpacks and there was things you need to go to Disney, sunscreen, water,hat,etc. Or one time when our uncle couldn't use his timeshare there so he gave it to us we got to stay at the Old Key West resort me and my sister had our own seperate room (it was like a villa so it had like 3 rooms) we had a kitchen and a hot tub. Then me and my sister and dad went to the Parks and then my mom joined us the next day and we hung out at the hotel it was sooo much fun.

Favorite ride?

This is a tough choice so i'm going to break it down by park
Magic Kingdom- space mountain
Epcot- Test track
Animal kingdom- toughest choice got to go with Everest
Hollywood Studios- umm okay i have two Star tours and tower of terror

Favorite show?
Dream along with Mickey

Favorite Disney treat?
Funnel cake

Favorite Character?
 peter pan or prince eric

Favorite movie?
 Lion King

Favorite song?
Soo many to choose from some of my favorites include. Son of man from Tarzan, Circle of life and can you feel the love tonight from lion king and Part of your world from little mermaid.

Favorite princess?

Favorite park?
Animal kingdom (unless its summer and sww then of course Hollywood studios)

So that does it for this entry :) thanks for reading and HAVE A MAGICAL DAY

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  1. I went to Disney World back when I was six and loved it! I remember really enjoying Epcot and Magic Kingdom and meeting all the characters(I still have my autograph book). One of my favorite rides was the space shuttle launch ride at Epcot; I thought it was so cool that I got to pretend to be on a Space Shuttle crew(I got to do two jobs).