Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Starwar Favorites

Okay. Well since yesterday i talked about Disney and a lot of my favoirte of Disney, I figured today I will take time to talk about my favorite Starwar stuff. Yay. Can you feel the excitement hehe okay and to make it even more interesting i will use pictures WOOHOO. anywho here its goes

My Favorite Character is .......

This is actually a tough question because there are like 2 or 3 that stand out but if i was forced to pick one i would have to go with ...
Yep Anakin Skywalker. Come on what fangirl doesn't go crazy with him. not to mention the movies kinda focus on his story and besides that he was the first character i loved from starwars so he wins my vote. moving one

Favorite couple ...

Anakin and Padme. Definitly no question. They were made for each other and really Anakin loved Padme to death (literally)

Favorite movie..
another hard choice since i love all the prequel movies but gotta go with...

Attack of the Clones. Revenge of the sith comes in close second but love this movie the best maybe because its the first one i watched?

Favorite Clone war character

hmm well since i picked anakin for best overall character got to go with

Ahsoka. Honestly whats not to love about Ahsoka shes kick-ass and just plain awsome

Favorite clone...

Rex is definitly one of my faves but my favorite of all times is one in my opinion who really needs more screen time my beloved ....


Favorite book or book series of starwars....

Way to many to choose from but some of my top faves are the jedi quest series, jedi apprentice series and the Gambit books

Favorite clone war episodes...

No possible way to pick some top faves are

The Mortis trilogy
Weapons factory and brain invaders

and storm over Ryloth
seriously though i could go on and on and on in case you haven't realized i'm OBSESSED with this show hehe

Thanks for reading and May the Force be with you


  1. Awesome posts! I love your book choices, those are some of my favorites as well! :D
    Anakin is a really cool character; he's in my top five favorites. :)
    And I love your episode choices; they are some of my favorite as well. May the Force be with you!
    :) :D

  2. so love ani/padme'. so in love they are. wish it would have ended differently. :)