Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Friend in Need review

Warning: This post contains spoilers

Okay I know there are tons of reviews out there (and as soon as my computer stops being its stubborn self I will read and comment on them) and tons of different opinions about this episode. Some hate it, others love it, others have mix feelings about it. For those who don't know (which i'm sure is like no one reading this but just in case) "A Friend in Need" reunites Lux and Ahsoka.

I personally LOVED this episode. Usually honestly unless an episode has all three of the "dream team" (anakin, ahsoka, and obiwan) or at the very least two of the three, it rarely makes it to one of my favorites. I still love the other episodes but I perfer the ones that have all three, I love seeing their interactions. However this episode is the exception (though i was very happy anakin did make an appearance via hologram).

Up til this episode I was unsure about Lux. Espeically him with Ahsoka, and I was very curious to see this episode before making up my mind about him. Honestly I LOVED him in this episode. Yes, he was very boneheaded at times and stupid. And i wanted to punch him in the face some times (espeically when he pulled a gun or blaster on ahsoka, what the heck was that about ?????) but most kids his age are like that and his concern for ahsoka was rea in my opinion.

Okay now for the big moment of the night the Kiss I truthfully both laughed and cheered, I was .... searching for the right word to describe.... like in disbeleif but also kinda glad about it hehe. It was cute in my opinion and it was really cool seeing them together and ahsoka really acting her own age throughout the episode especailly the transmission with anakin, I loved the look of amusement he had on his face when ahsoka told Lux it was fine when he was apologizing to anakin hehe.

Let me touch on the other parts of the episode i guess. The return of death watch was awsome, I really almost cried with the colony being destroyed the young girl (can't think of her name) being killed, but the effects and the fire and the way it looked was sooo cool. I loved R2D2 in this episode, well i loved him before but he Shined in this one the part with all the droids saying help us or whatever had me cracking up kinda creepy.

So overall I loved this epsiode though i like rex and ahsoka together i got to say as of now i'm definitly as Lux/ahsoka fan hehe.

okay and quick note the preveiw for the next episode especially the one of obiwan's funeral had me going completly fangirl and breaking my heart at the same time i am sooo excited for next week its going to be awsome. Especially seeing ahsoka's and even more so anakin's reaction to obi's "death" is going to be interesting and really sad... how am i going to make it through the week so exicted well thats all for now thanks for reading :) God bless

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  1. Good review! :) I also liked the episode. Not as much as last weeks, but I still enjoyed it. Oh, and I agree, R2 was AWESOME! Really loved him in this episode :)