Monday, January 9, 2012

Escape from Kadavo Review

Okay so this is my first review but i figured why not give it a try.

The episode Escape from Kadavo, which was the last part of the slave arc, was in my opinion INCREDIBLE. I loved this whole arc but this was definitly my fave of the three. This episode had me squeeling like a 10 year old fangirl. The first fangirl squel took place when Anakin held the lightsaber to the queen and said " I don't run away from anything" or something along those lines pure epicness and his escape from the guards brilliant hehe.

Loved the anakin/ahsoka moments and there were a few. I love seeing them work together and for some reason the whole scene of him rescuing her is one of my faves hehe.

Now lets not forget about obiwan and rex the first few scenes of them broke my heart Poor obiwan he is not having a good season. I will get back to them in a minute

we also got to see plo and his squardron awsomeness.

and did anyone else catch the look between anakin and ahsoka when he killed the guards soo cool she definitly is noticing the "dark" side of anakin.

Okay for my Favorite quote/moment of all time (well at least this entire arc) goes to REX i mean comeon who could resist going complete fangirl when he killed the keeper with the line "I'm No Jedi" EEEP i was going crazy hehe best moment of the night.

I also really liked the ending with anakin giving ahsoka credit for saving the togrutas and all what can i say i love the lighter moments.

The preview for the rest of the season looks awsome can't wait for more.

NOTE: yes i'm aware this review is a bit all over the place and names are not correct or not used but hey i'm in a random mood and didn't feel like looking up name spellings and exact quotes today hehe anyways thats all for now thanks for reading God bless


  1. Good review! I agree, the episode was completely awesome! There were some really well constructed scenes and the action and emotion was awesome.
    I also noticed the look Ahsoka gave Anakin; she could definitely see the viciousness in his actions and seemed a little worried about it.

  2. thanks for reading and exactly there was a really good balance between the emotion and action in this episode.