Saturday, February 25, 2012

the 11 tag again (well part of it)

Okay so i have been tagged once again for the 11 tag yay hehe I am not doing the official tag but i will answer the questions left by jedifilmaker because :
   1. I love her to death and can't ignore a tag from her
   2. she has an awsome blog
   3. I really like the questions she left

so here it goes

1. If you could go anywhere in the world without cost or any trouble at all, where would you choose to go?
    I would go to either Australia or Africa, an African safari would be sooo cool
2. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
     I love being able to express my opinion and get feedback and read other blogs from my besties :)
3. Do you have a favorite movie couple?
    definitly without a question anakin and padme
4. What is your opinion of Princess Leia?
     she is awsome, but honestly not my fave i mean shes all right i just never really cared for her
5. Who is your favorite movie actor?
     hmm good question I got to go with Hayden Christiansen, loved him in starwars and life as a house
6. What is your favorite holiday and why?
  tough choice I have two favorites Christmas, which i just love everything about the smells the music the atmosphere its just magical, and the other one is Easter, i mean this marks one of the biggest moments in christian faith Jesus rose from the dead how can you not love the celebration of that I love waking up early and going to sunrise service and then out to breakfast and its during the spring its just i don;t know i love it
7. Have you ever been punched by a bully, or maybe met a bully?
  I have never been punched by a bully the bullys i experinced only bullied me verbally throughout school
8. What is your opinion of homeschooling?
    Personally i think it depends on the child and the parents. and if a child is homeschooled i feel its important for them to have interactions with others their own age. for some public school is better for others they thrive in a homeschool environment. I think its a great option for some
9.What is your opinion of Lady Gaga?
   I personally don't like her she is way to over the top and at times she doesnt use the greatest judgement, I am all for being unique but there is such thing as too much. My manager saw her at disney and said she was completly inappropriatly dressed its a theme park and there are kids around she should have better sense then that and think of others. shes just not my style i don't know her personally so i really can't judge her but i don't like her style or music
10. What is your favorite thing to do when you want to chill out?
     hmm i guess read or surf the web (spending most of the time on the lakehouse) or journal
11. What is your opinion of the Star Wars Original Trilogy?
      I love anything and everything starwars but its not fave i love it but i will always prefer the prequels but who doesn't love han and luke right hehe


  1. Awww I love you to death too. XDD
    I love your answers! So cool! I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME! And Yay, you don't like Lady Gaga! :P I hope that doesn't sound weird but I don't really like her and I'm glad if my friends don't either. All awesome as usual, thanks for doing it again to answer my questions!

  2. you are very welcome girly thanks for tagging me :) love ya girl