Sunday, February 26, 2012

Questions from Jedi-chick

Okay soo i have tagged again yay for the 11 tag (I feel soo loved hehe) and it may be due to my boredness or the fact that i love this girl to much to ignore a tag from her or the fact i really like the questions she asked I decided to, while skipping the actual tag, I will answer the questions.

These questions are from Jedi~chick on her fabulous blog To thine own self be true, like i said I simply love her to much to ignore a tag from her (and i admit i am slightly bored with nothing better to do) Thanks Jedi~chick

anyway to the questions
1.What is your favorite time of day?
   hmm good question I love evening or nighttime things are quite and peaceful usually we are all together as a family just watching tv or hanging out
2. How many (if any) pets do you have?
   I have 3 fabulous pets, Zeus is my doggie ( i used my graduation money to get him) he's a terrier mix and my baby hehe love him to death, Sophie (technically my mom's dog but really a family dog well both dogs are really) shes a spaniel something mix all black dog beautiful but a little rowdy hehe still love her though, and my bird buckeye who we had for at least 12 years hes a cockatil.
3..What is your favorite subject in school?
    It has changed so often hehe, as of now i guess my favorite subject is Developmental Psychology
4..Do you have a favorite vegetable?
    Not really a favorite but i do love spinish and peppers 
5.Star Wars: Original Trilogy or Prequel Trilogy?
         Definitly Prequel i mean i love anything starwars but Prequel is what got me started with it and has many of my favorite characters.  
6.Fanfiction: Yes or No?
   Not really, occasionly i will read some and i have attempted to write one but i am just not that into it

7.Do you have multiple blogs, or can you only handle one? ;)
    I have 2 blogs (well 3 but one i am a co-author and its not active at all) this one and my other more personal serious one Fearfully and wonderfully made though I don't always do the greatest at updating them alot i am working on it hehe
8.If you had three wishes, what would they be? (no wishing for more wishes!)
    hmm thats a tough one okay lets see
     wish 1- Me, my family and friends (online and real)- to be taken care of finacially and medically having enough money to live a really good life and enjoy it and having good health
    wish 2- for all world fighting on any level (wars, fights, crime) to be stopped for good. World peace
  wish 3- To meet all my online friends (especially from the lakehouse)
9.Do you have a favorite song? Why do you like it so much?
    Way to many to mention almost anything country i love but my favorite song or at least one I love a lot is "Awsome God" can't think of the artist but the title says it all
10.What is your favorite genre to read/write/watch?
      Thats tough because i don't really have a favortie genre it really just goes by the movie (like i don't like much sci-fi but am obsessed with star wars) i guess my favorite would be romantic comedies.
11.What is one thing you want to do more than anything else in the world?
   wow talk about a tough question. I guess it would be to travel the world, meet people especially kids from all over, teach them about God and inspire others to be the best they can be and know someone cares.

YAY that was fun thaks Fallon for tagging me love ya girly awsome questions thanks for reading everyone and putting up with another post like this one hehe God bless


  1. Wo-ow, Jedi Chick had some great questions and so obviously I loved reading the answers to them! Awesome post! :D

  2. Hey hey, you're not the only one TOTALLY obsessed with Star Wars, join the club! Very cool post you have here aaaand my fave is also the prequel trilogy! :-P

    1. lol i know never said i was hehe :D and prequel trilogy for the win thanks for reading and commenting sister