Saturday, February 25, 2012

massacre review

okay i know i have been lazy lately and havne't been doing to many of these reviews however this one is to controversial and interesting to ignore.

Massacure was honestly probably one of my least faves. I have never been a huge fan of greivous or the nightsisters so the idea of the episode didn't really appeal to me. However I don't think its horrible or wonder what the heck the clone war team was thinking. They had thier reasons and overall i think they did a pretty good job. I know that i am not going to love every single one of the episodes and thats okay i know others did.

Overall i think this episode was pretty creepy. but hey its the nighsisters so it is to be expected. let me get the parts i didn't like out of the way

I didn't much care for the voodoo doll of dooku nothing against it its just not my thing it was creepy hehe

the zombies were kinda weird too again it was just not my thing but i got to admit they were pretty cool

Now to what i did like

Loved the character building of ventress in this episode you see a completly different side of her usually we see her as this evil merciless monster who is vicious in this episode she shows almost a softness towards her sisters. and at the end and really thoughout she has this vulnerablitly she really doesn't know what to do and is scared and unsure. I definitly felt for her during this episode and have a new appreciation of the complexity of her character.

I also loved the battle between her and grevious i mean a 6 saber battle pretty epic though short.

Many say they don't see the point of the episode my speculation is it will show a reason behind future actions of ventress maybe her going after dooku even more or greivous. i mean she lost everything because of them i am pretty sure she isn't going to let that go :),

Many have said this episode was completly against christianity and i definitly see where they may get that but i disagree at the end of the day its just a show. Its enjoyment and entertainment there is no sinister message behind it in my opinion its simply a fictious show. and i personally enjoyed it a bit.
overall i guess i give this episode a 6/10

let me know what you think. i know there are lots of opinions going around in this episode. which is great just remember to be respectful of everyone else's too thanks for reading mtfbwy God bless


  1. I am glad you didn't hate the episode. I loved it, I am a big fan of the Nightsister so this was an awesome episode for me. I also didn't mind the "magic" since that is no "magic" in Star Wars, it is just the force bing use differently. Very good review, I am can't wait for next week's episode.


  2. Very well summed up. Those are my EXACT thoughts on the episode :) Great job :)