Thursday, March 1, 2012

One More Disney Day and other Magic kingdom news

Soo I realized i haven't done a Disney post in a long while and since Disney did something yesterday for the first time in history so what better time to post. right?

Yesterday (leap day) Disneyland and Magic Kingdom at Disney world stay opened for 24 hours from 6am wednesday morning to 6am thursday morning Part of their One More Disney Day event

From what i could tell and what i Heard it was a huge success we got there at about 9pm wednesday night and they were packed. They had two parades, extra shows (frontierland hoedown, which usually has its last show in the afternoon had an extra show at 2:45am) they also had a dance party at the castle front from 1am to 5 ot 5:30am.

Soo in other Magic kingdom news, in the past couple of weeks Magic Kingdom started the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. which is pretty much an interacitve game that takes place throughtout the magic kingdom, except tommrow land.
You start your journey at the fire station where you recieve a pack of 5 "spell cards" with different disney character pics on them, a key card, and a map
Picture of some of the cards they have and the key card

part of the map you get

So once you get your cards and map (5 cards per one visit, they scan your ticket) you go to a portal which looks like this
you scan the key cad and the animation begins it gives you a certain location to begin at (random) and basically you cast spells and defeat villians

not only is this fun and interactive, its also a good collecting passtime since you get 5 cards each time definitly something to check out next time you go to Magic kingdom

Last thing I want to talk about for the magic kingdom is several months ago they revealed the castle show "The Magic, The Memories, and you" this is definitly one of my favorite shows its a projection show on the castle, in addition to showing pics of guests taken throughtout the day they also have some great projection tricks like having the whole castle on fire, different colors etc its hard to describe so here are some pics

yay so that concludes my post thanks for reading and Have a magical day :)

(*note: I don't own any of these pictures all found on bing images)


  1. O.O Wow,that looks like so much fun! I can't believe my family doesn't want to go! I am totally going to have to come to Disneyland someday...XDD

    1. aww hope you can make it to disney world here (or disneyland)some time everyone should go at least once. hope you can make it down here sometime

    2. Yes, I really hope so too.