Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brothers Review

                                                   *warning: this post contains spoilers*

Sooo yeah i know this review is pretty late, honestly i have no excuse other than I am lazy and have been spent the last two days (literally all day) on the lakehouse hehe. anyways moving on to the point of this post.

Brothers definitly wasn't my favorite episode, however it did have some really good moments. I am truly not a huge fan of maul or savage so I knew from before it started it probably wouldn't appeal to me, but I honestly enjoyed it more then I thought I would.

okay quick download: This episode was basically just Savage tracking down and looking for his lost brother Darth maul.

since i like to leave things on a postive note let me start with what i didn't like about the episode: Like I said before I don't much care for Maul, even since episode 1 he has creeped me out. and spider maul was no better actually it was a great deal creepier, Savage toward the end of the episode started to annoy me "brother is that you" "we are brothers" i mean comeon i think maul gets the point repeating the word brother over and over again i don't know it bugged me.It seemed like this episode was dragged out in my opinion. Pretty much the entire episode was savage looking for maul. I have to be honest it started to bore me. I was upset when savage dumped the pilot but i understand it, it kinda enforces just how much of a monster he really is.

Okay moving on to what i did like: I actually really liked the snake guy though he creeped me out a bit i found him interesting (he was like in a way the jar jar of the episode hehe)
He was humorus (at least in my opinion) I loved seeing him annoy the heck out of savage :D I definitly had a feeling savage was going to kill him but i have to admit i didn't see him working for maul though looking back it definitly makes sense.

Though several have said they didn't see the point in the scene i personally loved the scene of the diner
(not the diner scene part i am talking about but pretty cool and disturbing)

I loved Anakin and Ahsoka's scene, Anakin's line "I'm hungry" really just shows more of his personality and it provided some humor (like snake dude) to a pretty creepy episode.
The guy about to hit anakin and ahsoka with a frying pan (though i didn't even honestly realize it at first unitl my crazy fangirl sisters at the lakehouse went all fangirl over it :D) was pretty cool
(the weapon of choice in any situation)

I loved Anakin sensing something familiar and simarly ventress sensing something. It reneforces just how powerful savage and maul are and that something is defintily brewing and is not going unnoticed.

I loved the temple scene with obiwan and yoda, though obiwan (not surprisingly for him though) seemed very calm considering an old enemy who wants revenge on him was back (though he may be doubting it in a way even if the info came from yoda himself).

so not my fave but not bad overall i guess i would give it a 6/10

I am definitly looking foward to next week's episode. Definitly looks epic and obiwan is finally in a finale soo that in its self is totally epic hehe.

Anyway thanks for reading God bless and May the force be wtih you always

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  1. I totally I agree with you on this review; we pretty much had the same opinion on the episode :)