Monday, March 26, 2012

My interview with kayla

Hi y'all. I am back once again yay. and recently i had the pleasure of interviewing one of my Internet little sisters, Kayla, who i absolutely love to death. Thank you so much kayla, for doing the interview with me. hope you all enjoy it as much as I did doing it

Me/ JG: So first question. i think you told me before but for interview purposes, How did you get to know starwars

Kayla : Uhhhh, I don’t know where to start. Well lets see, every new years eve my family always watches movies past midnight and we eat junk food (lol!) so New Years Eve I got to watch A New Hope for the first time. After that I don’t know what happened, I was just obsessed with it. After watching ESB and RotJ my sister and I were hooked. Now I’m just crazy about it. Does that answer the question?

Me : lol yes it does. very cool good answer moving on, What are some things you think attract yourself and others to starwars

Kayla : The characters for sure. Who doesn't love Han Solo or relate to Luke Skywalker? Darth Vader is, like, the best villian ever and the stories are just so adventerous. I think unlike other sci-fi stories Star Wars focuses more on the characters of the story and not just the tech.

Kayla : Oh and the good vs. evil part of it.

Me : I agree very true. Who is your favorite character and why

Kayla : Well I have always been tied between Luke and Leia but I’m a girl so Leia wins out. I like Princess Leia because she is so different from the average damsel in distress. She puts all her being and strength into a good cause and she can take care of herself while still having a gentle side. I like girl characters who use guns so that has a lot to do with it I think.

Me : i agree she definitly can kick butt and is strong i definitly see why you like her
 soo next question is there a favorite starwars quote of yurs, and why do you like it?

Kayla : Ahhhh! Are you asking me to pick a favorite quote???? *deep breaths* I love ANYTHING C3po says because it is funny. I love it Han’s quote, "Hey! It’s me!" because sometimes I feel like that, I mean, "Hey! It’s me!" And also Darth Vaders quote, "I find your lack of faith disturbing." I feel that way sometimes about non-Christians, obviously not about the force but because creation it’s self screams God’s existence but they don’t believe, so it’s disturbing. There are LOTS more but that’s too much already. Lol!

Me : lol wow most impressive. I like those
 soo lets see who do you think is a better couple han/leia or anakin/padme

Kayla : Han and Leia for the win because they’re romance end’s happy. They started out enemies but they got past the things about the other one that annoyed them and became good friends. Anakin and Padme started out good friends and ended up enemies. It’s sad but Anakin didn’t deserve Padme.

Kayla : :( I mean, *wimper* he killed her.

Me : sorry for disappearing i was reading your blog lol anyway yes i agree and you make good points (though i will always be team ani/padme lol)

Kayla : Lol! Thanks. I know you will be... that's okay. XD

Me : lol

Me : okay sorry i am having one of those brain freezes your experinced lol

Kayla : Awww! lol, aren't they awful?

Me : yes they truly are.. ooh okay i got one.. Do you ever see Starwars fading out or do you think its going to continue being passed on from generation to generation

Kayla : Wait, do you mean like, everyone or me or what?

Me : like everyone, in other words do you think it will remain a pop culture icon or become a fad if that makes sense

Kayla : Oh okay, yeah that does make sense... one sec...

Kayla: ... I think it’s realistic to assume it will end someday in time, but I don’t think anytime soon. I really hope it doesn’t get forgotten though because it doesn’t deserve to be.

Me : good answer, I agree and i think its safe to assume it will be around for awhile

Me : okay brb i have to help with groceries

Kayla : Thanks and okay. XD

Kayla : Awwww man. I have to leave soon. :(

(So i was going to post the whole good bye conversation but decided not to, mainly because i am lazy, and way to sum it up kayla and me had to go so we said good bye and promised to continue interview later which we did today)

Me : yay do yu want to continue the interview

Kayla: Yes!!! Yes yes!

Me: yay okay so next question, what is your favorite movie of starwars and why

Kayla : I like Empire Strikes Back best because it has my favorite characters and is full of excitement. It’s got Luke taking down AT walkers and becoming a Jedi, Leia and Han flying out of control in space being chased by the Empire and going in asteroid fields, Darth Vader tells Luke he is his father and it’s got humor, good one-liners, a dramatic lightsaber fight and a lot of… cool stuff.

Me : very cool,wow i haven't seen that movie in over a year lol good answer

Kayla : Thanks. I haven't seen it in a while either.

Me : if you had to pick one scene of any starwars movie that really defines starwars for you or really means something to you what scene would that be

Kayla: Oooh hard one – well the Speeder Bike chase on Endor in RotJ. That is my favorite scene of movie history, period. LOL. The speed and exhilaration is just overwhelmingly exciting! And it’s got Luke and Leia who I love. I hope that answers the question.

Me : yes, i like that scene too.

Me: okay now if you don't mind we are going to move away from starwars for the rest of the interview

Kayla : Oh goody. (btw I got to watch that scene today I was so thrilled)

Kayla : Oh and yes, that is perfectly fine!

Me : awsomeness, so what would you say is your favorite disney movie

Kayla : Oh and yes, that is perfectly fine!

Me: awsomeness, so what would you say is your favorite disney movie

Kayla : Uhhh wait a minute, is Anne of Avonlea a Disney movie?

Me : i honestly don't know i have actually never heard of that movie lol

Me: sorry it may be though

Kayla : Lol, oh, actually I think Disney might of just distributed that movie. Does that still count or no?

Kayla: 'cause if you want I can pick a different movie. XD

Me : i guess we can count it lol

Me : soo okay what is your favorite disney song

Kayla: I don't want to sound cliche but honestly it's 'When Will My Life Begin' from Tangeld. XD

Me : ooh i love that song very pretty

Me: who would you say is the best disney character role model for young children

Kayla : Ooh good question, hee hee well I would have to say Belle because she loves her father and is brave and kind.

Me: i agree there are so many good things about belle, she is one of my top favorite princesses

Kayla : (oh and I have to add Esmerelda is good too because she stands up for the helpless, is kind and she prays to God)

Me : ooh good point, i like her too
: okay for a few general questions,
: since you asked me about my death lol time to get you back and ask when you die what is one thing you would want to be remembered for

Kayla : ROFL. Actually I love this question. The one thing I want to be remembered for by people is I was a good and loyal friend. XD

Me : aww well you definitly are

Me : okay ranty time what is your biggest pet peeve

Kayla : Okay, *deep breaths* Here is my answer...

Kayla : Woah, I have to figure out my biggest pet peeve…. well, I hate when people are overly critical of movies. I mean, I am critical of things in movies sometimes but I don’t make mountains out of mole hills. I’ve known some people who it seems watch movies JUST for the fun of picking at it. Just picking at every little thing they don’t like and it’s so annoying. IT’S A MOVIE FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!! Can I enjoy watching it? Sometimes I feel like, "WHY DID YOU WATCH THIS MOVIE IF IT’S SO TERRIBLE?" Ugh I wish haters like that would just shut up and go complain somewhere else. And I’m not talking about complaints about things someone thought was maybe inappropriate or something like that, but when they are unhappy about the hairstyles or the story plot and they hated the music and that actor was terrible and blah blah blah…. Uhg I’ve sat to sit through too many of those conversations and I HATE them…..XD *deep breaths*

Kayla : LOL! Thanks for asking, it's nice to get that off my chest.

Me : aww i agree thats definitly annoying
  okay one last question, and its a sw question lol, If you could change one thing about starwars in any of the movies what would you change and why

Kayla: OH I know exactly what.... I would give Leia a more modest and dignified outfit for the part in Jabba's palace because... well it's obvious isn't it. It's awkward, innaproriate, and just undignifiying to put the coolest Princess ever in *ahem* a bikini.

Me : lol good point kalya thanks for the interview and i will get this put up asap

Kayla : You're welcome, thanks for interviewing me! XD I can't wait to see it!
  They were really good questions. XD

and there you have it, yes i know its a bit random and at some parts all over the place but thats how we are lol. I had loads of fun doing this interview and thanks again Kayla, love you girly *hugs* hope you all enjoy :D


  1. WHOO! Thanks so much for interviewing me, it's a terrific, awesome post! I'm loving the pictures! I think I might have gotten a bit too carried away though about my pet peeve. *rolls eyes* LOL! XD *hugs* 'Love you too!

  2. Really great interview, jedigal! :)

  3. Great interview Jedigal and Kayla! :D It was very funny!


  4. Love the interview. I find it funny how Kayla found out about Star Wars. XD