Sunday, March 11, 2012

more questions from the 11 tag

soo it appears i have once again been tagged and since I am bored and really like these questions and they are from a good friend with an awsome blog check her blog out Fangirl and Farmgirl and thanks Aayla for the tag soo though i won't do the full tag (sorry to lazy) i wil answer the questions

My 11 Questions

1. What is your biggest pet peeve
 hmm thats a tough one, probably when people judge others, it drives me up the wall, unless you are that person, you don't know their whole story what right do you have to judge them. Save that job for the Lord, he is the only one who should judge others

2. Why are you following my blog?
hmm i have no idea lol JK lets see because you are awsome and wonderful and a fellow sister and your blog like you is incredbile (nuff said)

3. If you could be a character from any movie who would you be and why
I honestly don't know I wanted to say padme since she gets anakin but her story doesn't have a very happy ending soo i guess ariel from little mermaid one because she gets prince Eric and she lives in the sea, i love the water so definitly ariel

4. Do you have a pet
I have two dogs one is a terrier mix named zeus, the other is a spaniel mix named sophie, I also have a cockatil named buckeye

5. What's your fav. video game
I am not a huge video game fan but i do like lightsaber duel on the wii

6. What's the name of your best friend
I honestly don't have one in mind at the moment i have several good friends but not reallly a best friend I guess i have to say my sister Ashley, she is related to me i know but we are super close she is my best friend, also my friends from church lets see Maria, Kristie
and of course all my sisters on the lakehouse :D

7. What did you dream about last night
Honestly i have no idea, I can't remember

8. Fav. dessert
yummy i love any dessert my favorite is soft serve ice cream, cake, candy, cotton candy really anything sweet oh and oreo cream pie lol

9. Can you do a personal trick (juggle, tongue clover, etc...)
Nope lol

10. What's one wierd thing about you
something wierd about me hmmm though i work at disney i still find it super magical and act like a child everytime i go

11. Random Question Of Your Choosing
ooh i get to choose the question now yay lets see What do I want to do in life?
I want to be a teacher and live the life God planned for me
thanks aayla for the tag that was fun. Thanks for reading God bless :D


  1. aww, thks. ur a good sister, 2. i love padme and would love 2 b her if it ended differently. :)

  2. Oooh- Those were good questions! So fun to read. :D