Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bounty review

                            *Note this review will contain spoilers*

Sorry I know this review is late but I had work Friday and saturday and been lazy anywho I am actually a bit surprised about how much I enjoyed this episode, since it once again lacked any jedi and usually any episode without jedi bores me. Yeah I know thats a little... whats the word I am looking for.... I guess quick to judge but its true.

Despite this episodes lack of jedi, It was actually a pretty good episode, I mean I watched it at like past midnight after working all night and it completly held my attention.

I loved seeing Tatooine animated and seeing Jawas definitly made me excited lol. I acutally enjoyed the catina scene which is unusual for me.

These past few episodes definitly changed my view on ventress. Both of the episodes, especially this one we have seen a whole new side of her. She definitly showed she had a heart in this episode or at least cared a bit. First she let the girl go and then she shared the earnings with the others both of these moves i would not have expected from her (especially earlier in the series) so it was nice to see her in that light.

I had a feeling that there was a person inside of the chest but i had no idea the connection she had to the ninja dudes (can't remember what they were called hehe) That completly caught me by surprised and I liked that bit of a twist in the episode.

Another character I loved in this episode is Bobba, up to this point i mean I guess he was alright but i was never really interested in him. However this episode he really showed leadership and loved his new look. I don't know there was something about him that i really liked. Though i have to admit it cracked me up when ventress delivered him in the chest to the king :)

Loved the hand to hand combat in the episode especially with the different bounty hunters definitly very cool.

I really like the whole train robbery feel to this episode. At first when the episode (well the mission part of the episode) started i thought it would be a bit boring but i was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong.

really the only thing I didn't like was the lack of Jedi, call me stubborn but in my opinion the best episodes have at least one but preferably all 3 of the dream team hehe (anakin,obiwan and ahsoka) or at the very least clones hehe but this episode still was pretty good not my favorite by a long shot but i still very much enjoyed it overall i guess i would give it a 8/10

Sorry this review is a bit all over the place I am tired when writing this but didn't want to put it off anyway thanks for reading God bless


  1. Great review! :) I agree with a lot of the things you said. And I agree, episodes with the Jedi are awesome! :)