Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Favorite video wednesday

Okay so I noticed this on lots of blogs where they have a schedule of posts. And though i know I would never stick to a main schedule I did like the idea and wanted to give it a try. At least for one of the days of the week and since this blog is kind inactive i feel this will help me update more. So from now on Wednesdays  on this blog are.....


soo every wednesday (or at least every Wednesday I remember hehe) I will post one or two or three of my favoirte youtube videos trying to keep them Disney or Star War related

So to start it off here is my pick for the week...

This video focuses mainly on anakin and padme though it does have a bit of obiwan and luke in it. It is to the song  "should've said no" by Taylor swift the video is by
I think it really fits anakin and some of his relationships and it combines my two favorite things star wars and Taylor Swift sooo enjoy

thanks for reading God bless MTFBWY


  1. Woah...! Taylor Swift and Star Wars....TOGETHER? That is totally epicness!!!!! WHOOO, EPICNESS! (haha) I love that video! The song fit it so well! XD
    I hope you can do this regularly because I think it's a really cool idea! Good post! 'Love you!

  2. Great video! :) I loved the video and how it went with the song :)
    I like the idea, you should keep doing it on here :)

  3. Thanks Shena and Kayla I am glad you like it and i think i will definitly continue these.
    I agree Taylor swift with starwars is totally epic and I thought this song really worked for anakin thanks for reading/viewing God bless

  4. i've seen this one before. its got such great song to it. :)