Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My interview with Ashley (my sister)

So My internet sister Kayla has done several crazy interviews with her sister, Jamie. After reading several of them I decided that it looked fun and wanted to give it a try with my own crazy sister Ashley so since we both were doing nothing I asked my beautiful sister to sit down with me and do an interview. she agreed and I have to say it tuned out very crazy. I was cracking up the entire time pretty much. My sister never fails to make me laugh and smile and this interview is no exception. Hope you all enjoy.

(Ashley is talking about random stuff and asking what i am doing lol)

Me: hi ashley

Ashley: helloo

*me giggles*

*ashley giggles*

Ashley:you going to type everything we do
whats the name of the blog, i am being interviewed for

Me: shut it, hang on, why is my cap lock on

Ashley: becuase you put it on stupid brb i am getting a drink

*ashley comes back talking about random stuff*

Me:welcome back ashley

Ashley:whatz up i brought my laptop too.

Ashley: *starts randomly dancing*are you still typing the craziness from earlier sorry i will shut up so you can stop typing

Me:Whats your favorite movie

Ashley:*gives me look* hmm disney or action if its disney it would have to be mulan if it was action it would have to be hp hmm thats hard i would say deathly hallows *more thinking out loud* part 1 and 2

Me: favorite character of Harry Potter?

Ashley:uh hands down severus snape love him,

Me: Favortie Star Wars movie?

Ashley:*thinking taping finger to lip* phantom menace obiwan is sexy and quigon is awsome

*me giggles*

Ashley: what, michelle giggles and i ask whats up, and i narrarte the whole thing  *ashley reads part of her random blog*, have fun typing that

Me:Whats your favortie clone war season?

Ashley: the one with darth maul and ventress, so the last one wait what season are we on i think four so yeah four

Me: why do you like Darth Maul so much?

Ashley: he is totally wiked *snickers*

Me: you know he is demented

Ashley: i don't care hes wicked i love the one with the ball and hes going after the ball like a little kid

Me:if you had to pick one trait about you that you like what would it be?

*Ashley ignores me and keeps typing


Ashley: you trailed off didn't finish the question

Me: did too *repeats question*

Ashley: you didn't finish that, I like that i have a good singing voice and can act, since mom always told me grandma was a beautiful singer, it makes me feel closer to her


Me:Whats your favorite jedi?

Ashley: Obi-wan Kenobi (said in obiwan impression)

*starts dancing and bouncing on bed and singing dynomite*

ooh if i say my sisters an idiot do you have to type it *laughs*

Me: *snorts*

Ashley: I heart you

Me: back on topic if you could change one thing about Star Wars what would it be?

Ashley: hehe topic *laughs* taps finger to mouth uhh dahhh if i could change one thing. i would change it so they would come to earth and meet students of hogwarts. no i would actually make it where obiwan marries satine. and has an affair with ventress. jk. marries satine have fun writing

Me: why are you so crazy?

Ashley: as a great character once said being normal is vastly over rated. live live and be cooco (asked her to repeat she didn't know exactly what she said so typed that). *jawa yell*

are you going to type that i made you laugh *laughs*

*sings jesus take the wheel from that is being sung on the tv in other room*. thats my favorite song *conitinues singing*

Me:Whats your  goal in life?

Ashley: to open a theatre become a director and actor, backup is help kids see the way to god go on mission trips and help people

Me:good answer

Me: i am tired of typing so that wraps up our interview

Ashley: thats nice *laughs*

i love this have you seen this? (shows pic of district 9 3/4 on facebook and other photos)

Me:any last thoughts or comments?

Ashley: nitwit blubber oddman tweak (sp?) may the odds be ever in your favor.

Me: thanks ashley

Ashley: okay

*both laugh *

Ashley: hehehehehe

So there you have it. and now its in the open I officially have a crazy sister. but i would have it no other way. Thanks Ashley for sitting down with me to do this. and for making me laugh love you sister. You definitly know how to make me smile.

Hope you all enjoyed. Thanks for reading God bless and MTFBWY


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA! That was funny, I like it!! XD And now you know how hard it is to try typing everything out like that, right? lol! Sometimes Jamie will be talking so fast I can barely keep up! XD And btw, it's true we little sisters ROCK! :P

    1. lol yes i do :D how you do it so often is a mystery to me its not easy. but it was fun to do. and um you lil sisters may Rock but us big sisters still have you beat just saying love ya